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ULOG: #6 Finally Finished My Diamond Art Project, Took Almost 3 Weeks

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2 months agoUlogs2 min read

When I feel hassled, over-stressed or busy I can not work on my project. It is supposed to calm and relax you. It does but you have this nagging feeling in your mind to finish your problems first. So you really can not concentrate. So I was able to work on it most of the day for 3 days and finished it this morning.


A beautiful fantasy picture. Once I start doing it, I forget what is happening around me and concentrate. So it does relax me.

I have another one ready to start and hoping I finish by the end of the month. But I still have somethings to do so I might get delayed.

I have already done a lot. They are not framed yet but I do hope I can soon. I keep them in a safe place where they won't get wet or lost. My daughter sends me some so I have 8 left hoping it will last me about 5 months. I budgeted 2 projects per month but seems like 1 1/2 per month. Well at least I will have some before I have to buy. Because my daughter is coming home next year and she might bring some.

This is my next one. It is one of the first ones my daughter gave me. Mostly views,flowers and animals esp. dogs. This looks pretty so I hope mine come out pretty too.

This is what I have been doing this whole morning, I waned to finish it.


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