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ULOG: I Love Being A Grandmother


2 months agoUlogs2 min read

I loved being a mother and I love more being a grandmother. Whenever we have video calls I can see the love and recognition on my grandson's eyes. My daughter has sent me videos and pictures and looking at them helps me when I feel sad and down and lonely. When I here his laughter it lifts my spirit.

A few weeks ago they finally cut his hair short. He looked so handsome and still cute. Now he does not get mistaken for a girl.

Yesterday my daughter and I had a video call with my grandson. I was surprised at his new look. Hahaha he still looks cute.


I asked them why and they said it was summer there and his head sweats. Also their first haircut was not straight, so making him slightly bald will make his hair grow better. He cried at first unlike the first time but now he is happy. I guess the sound of the shaver scared him.


As a grandmother I always smile and feel the love for him. I am happy when we get to video chat almost every day. I am now awaiting the time they can come home again for vacation, hopefully next year for my 60th birthday.


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