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ULOG: So Hard To Be Far From Your Loved Ones


2 months agoUlogs2 min read

Earlier this afternoon in my time but evening in my daughter's place, she sent me a message. They were at the urgent care or probably like the ER here. They noticed just now a small lump on my grandson's clavicle. I was worried since she did not send me a picture only until they were seen.

That is my biggest worry, not being able to be there for her. But she has her husband and my younger brother and wife also live in the same apartment. My older brother if just a few minutes away.

My mom has no one here but me. It makes me feel sad but I can not leave her. Even if there are times when I am mad or frustrated, but I know it is because of her Alzheimer. I am also happy my helpers understand and also have patience. But as she gets older it is harder to leave her even if I can trust them. It is hard if they start to blame you for anything happening to our mom. So I just always have to pray for my daughter and her family, most especially my grandson.


She finally sent me this picture. Looks small and she said it is hard like a bone and moveable. I wish I could really see it. But I noticed the vein is blue and big so maybe it could be a sprain because of over movement. She has to wait to call the pedia tomorrow to make an appointment as recommended by the other doctor. I just told her to put warm compress for a few minutes then remove and wait for a few minutes then cold compress. It does not seem to hurt him. maybe the warm compress will make the blood flow then the cold will numb the pain and reduce swelling, like in athletes. He is an active baby and moves his head a lot.

They are asleep now but whenever she PM me I will wake up. All I can do is pray. Pls help me prayer warriors. Thank you.


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