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ULOG: Took A Week Off For Myself


2 months agoUlogs2 min read

I have seen a lot of posts from friends and relatives on their vacation, a relax day and more. I sort of eny them. I wish I could have even 1 day for to relax and be stress free.

But since I don"t have the finances or money, I decided to take a week off, from stress, worries, problems.

I started out last Monday June 3. First I did not do anything work related or stressed related activities. I played games on Facebook. Viewed posts and made comment. Posted inspirational sayings. Then in the afternoon I took a shower and turned on the air-condition in my daughter's room. I had a whole body massage. It felt so good, been a while.

Then Tuesday was the same. Watched movies on Netflix and series. It was too hot to do anything else. Then Wednesday was going to the city day. I also started a new business venture, hoping it will catch on.

Thursday and Friday was the same. Not doing much, not reading bad vibe posts. I literally tried to keep stress free. The best times were the times I had video calls with my grandson which was almost every day. Those were the best time during the day. I was also able to finish one diamond art and start another one. It is relaxing just doing that.

I also ate ice cream when I wanted to because that is my new business but of course I paid for it. Saturday was market day, still tried to keep stress free.

So today is Sunday, my last day of keeping stress free. But I will try to keep stress and worries at a minimum. Maybe I will have one me-day. the day I will have a manicure and pedicure or body massage.

I did this to recharge and to feel good. I know a lot of stress and worries, even problems will be coming so I need to be recharged.

Another thing is praying the live rosary with my niece and other people on-line on Instagram. Then I start to prepare for bed. I try to sleep early so I can have at least 6 hrs of sleep.

So I had my mini vacation at home, no pictures to post but still my week off.



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