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Do not children and do not rejoice

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3 months agoeSteem


I am suffocating ... I am sorry for falling on me ... as fragments of the cursed rock in the legend.

I take the tragedy .. and the death of the dead.

The death of the neglect of neglect ... Ahlun .. Under the blows whip of life clumsy ... Strive behind the "Oro" benefit on a cold ..
Tarko the pancreas resists the flood alone .. teach them dizzy ... pain .... crying .... Messages did not arrive ..

The first of the zombies .. These messages more violent ...

Then the member settles and rot and work ...

In the corridors of the hospital ... the doctor and Izbd and .. .. m ... m.

Before asking the wrong member ....
The girl "Nasreen" smiles

Perhaps tomorrow is sweeter

What remains

If children suffer

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