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ULOG 55 - Christmas is coming.


5 months agoUlogs

Christmas is coming ... We can already see in several houses Christmas trees, Advent wreaths, socks hung in the fireplace and on the door, walking sticks, san nicolas and scenes of birth that represent the birth of Jesus. It is a period for the family reunion, to share, to forget the grudges and to start over.

In my son's school they started with their decorations, they even made beautiful shirts for the children.


We met with the teachers who proposed making these shirts, all the parents agreed and we agreed to buy the shirts and materials to decorate them. The materials that were used to decorate these shirts were:

  • Silicone
  • Liquid embroidery
  • Fabric cuts with Christmas motifs.

The decoration is very simple, the fabric cuts were glued with silicone and on the edges they added a liquid embroidery. The other decorations were also made with liquid embroidery.


They also decorated the classroom door.


Everything was very nice and we were very satisfied with the work done.

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