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Shweet, I Sold an Effing Drawing! Can I Rest, Yet?

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5 months ago


After 3 days of LOA failure, I did the opposite of LOA and told myself that I was not going to sell art today. Well, it backfired. This drawing I have shared with you before sold yesterday for $40, which was the amount needed for Prismacolors and Beer.


Though, I was pushed away from the place where I usually sell my work. Guess I will have to find a new place?


I started toward the Library and stopped to rest at a clearing, then took this short film...

Then I decided to talk about my "religious" views concerning the imperfection of Nature vs the perfection of the Cube.

Too bad the videos got cut short due to space issues and technical difficulties. At least the point is made.

Much Love!

Larry Sage Dreamtree (Brandon)

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