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2 months agoSteemit3 min read


What's up STACKERS!

I just finished a pretty damn hard workout and I currently look all busted up from lifting all these damn heavy weights... they destroyed me. 🤣

All I know is that after every good workout, I never once said to myself... "I wish I never did that" but instead I get this "high" of achieving an accomplishment. 🎖

Like I stated many times in the past, I'm not at the gym to become a body builder or for the looks... it's all about pushing myself mentally couple times a week.

I don't want to be those "GYM RATS" who goes everyday and practically lives in the gym.

Who has time for that? I sure don't...

That's why I just hit the "Gym" only 2 times a week but don't get me wrong, when I do go... I don't fuck around. 🤦

So why do I put myself in these situations? 🤷‍♂️

Working out or getting fit is not all about "looking good" in my book. It's means much more than that to me.

It's basically how I look at life.... It's more about purpose, setting goals, pushing oneself, adversity, resistance, and become a better version of myself everyday.

The stuff I learn from working out can be applied to all aspects of ones life.

When anything new that comes across my life, I find it 10X easier to accomplish those tasks than most "average joe" who rarely ever pushed themselves or faced any kind of adversity.

I always got this said to me... "Damn Charles, How did you do and learn that thing so fast?" I just plain look at them and say, "It's not that hard, it's pretty easy".

When people go through adversity and push themselves throughout their lives.... average things just become easier to do while others will always struggle.

This is the main reason I worked out for over 20+ years. It's more mental for me than anything else. I'm not there trying to get those "abs" or "guns".... those results are just extra. haha

I'm not sure this made a lot of sense to people but I did try my best to explain it. 🤣

Keep On STACKIN! 🤑

~ Charles Fuchs

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