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Human life is a reflection of his way of thinking


3 months agoSteemit2 min read


Human life is a reflection of his way of thinking, whether this method is negative or positive, his thoughts are a reflection of his perceptions, and there is a direct match between the way the mind and behavior of the direction of the various things and attitudes that are exposed to them, negative ideas leave a bad impact; These ideas were often the cause of wasting golden opportunities in human life, and prevent the person to take control of himself and go forward to achieve its goals, the negative thought pumped with a quantity of despair able to control the life of human wondrously, and often this thinking dominates on the way of life and steal from them the pleasure of happiness and comfortMind

I can explain the concept of negative thinking simply, it is pessimism and estimate the negative results in advance, which prevents the person from starting to start his work, because simply sentenced himself to fail in advance and expected the worst results before starting to work, here lies the importance of turning a person's negative thoughts into positive thoughts, turning pessimism into optimism

One of the main reasons for negative thinking is the weakness of self-confidence, the sense of permanent disability, and often the weakness of self-confidence as a result of the drift behind emotional and emotional effects, whenever they are the personality of an individual is strong and whenever they are the more confident he is of his abilities and personality whenever it reflects the good impact on his positive thinking, whenever the more shaky and weak his personality is, the more negative and pessimistic his thoughts are.


Best regards,
M'ssieu Abdo


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