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[SELF-MOTIVATION] Create new and powerful motivations to help you progress


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If you are told that your city will be besieged for six months, a cyclone or a disaster, you will rush to withdraw a large amount of money from the bank, buy large quantities of food and store it, and provide everything that keeps you in good shape to survive in order to overcome this crisis. you will be ready to ease the siege.

There are several motivations for all these precautionary measures: fear, anxiety, protection, preservation of your life


Motivation is the force that drives a person to work to achieve the goal or purpose without stopping or procrastination. If the stronger the motivation, the easier and faster the access, if the motivation is weak, the movement will be choppy, slow or stopped at worst.

Sometimes the motivation is caused by the circumstances, the environment or the events that have accumulated over a long period of time, or perhaps because of intense events or a burning desire that has inflamed within the human being to have the power to act or move. A person who is successful and aware of his desires and intentions can make his own motivation to help him move quickly towards his goal. This self-motivation is a setting for every motivation that will ignite the enthusiasm and energy in your being and body.

The motive, the means and the goal are a three-threaded chain. If there is a weakness in motivation or means, the goal will not be achieved, but if there is a strong motivation with the means and ability to endure the hardships that accompany them, the goal becomes possible.

Sometimes the motive is hiding behind the pleasure, and other times there is behind the pain that can be severe and stress on the human, making him seek and endure hardship in order to avoid feeling it again. Here the strong motivation of pain becomes a catalyst in the face of obstacles and challenges that can hinder the direction The goal is, but if the motivation behind it is fun, it is easier and easier, as fun makes the person think more positive and optimistic and does not see any difficulties in stopping him or away from access to the goal associated with his enjoyment, and each problem will be seen as a simple challenge will not stand or Focus it a lot, But it make the person continue to progress with confidence, balance and discipline

It is therefore best for everyone to connect their goal with a motive that brings them pleasure and joy. You can also mix several strong motivations with each other to ignite the desire and keep it running. It works like fuel for the car. The more the quantity is large and sufficient you can reach your goal without having to stop. Motives are the reasons that lead you towards the goal.


Make sure you are motivated, look for the motives behind any action you can not continue or do not succeed in, create new and powerful motivations to help you progress, your motivation is the engine for your business, check it, ignite the desire, add excitement and fun.


Best regards,
M'ssieu Abdo


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