#ulog 26 The Scent Of Apple Pie When You're Weighed Down


7 months agoeSteem3 min read
Hello there my dear Uloggers,

There are days when you do not feel like doing anything. Could it be the sudden change in weather? I am not sure. I am already awake but I feel like I want to spend more time in bed doing nothing. Outside is still gray and gloomy with momentary drops of rain. Maybe this is the reason for my lack of motivation to move and keep going.
I tried to force myself to do some household chores maybe it will go away once my body is back to its normal day to day routine. Perhaps it is just a part of my day warming up. I could think of all the reasons good and bad but this lack of motivation to do anything today is missing. This is not the first time that I had experienced something like this but this is way too strong and demotivating. As far as I am concern I am good physically today no sickness or whatever just feeling tired and demotivated with no apparent reason. While I was picking some of the chores that I feel like doing, I saw this scented candle that I bought last year. It was intended to for Christmas as you can see it is an Apple Pie flavor. During the said season I love to be surrounded with this kind of scent. They remind me of warmth, festive old time festivities. The scent of cinnamon and apple pie is very invigorating. Maybe this will trick my brain that I am now feeling good and excited just like how I feel when the holidays are around. Yes, I opened the lid of this glass container and the scent of apple pie came to my senses. It certainly brought that feeling you have during holidays. I suddenly felt the warmth of cinnamon in my nose. The delicious taste of apple pie playing in my head. Indeed this scented candle helped me forget about the laziness for a while. I am like feeling OK but not super OK. Just in the right mood to finish whatever it is I have in front me waiting.

I did some dusting here and there. I organized the desk drawers. Purged a few documents that we no longer use. You see even the smallest things like these can take much of your time. You read the details of the documents and other written materials being careful not to throw away the important ones. Been a victim of losing some important documents before and would not want that to happen. In general I am feeling in the mood to exert an effort now compared earlier.

Have a great day. Until next ulog.

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