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SteemSavvy dApp Spotlight - @Partiko


2 months agoBusy4 min read

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Massive apologies for not featuring our dApp spotlight last week...Around this time last week, I was welcoming my 3rd son into the world :)

And have been playing catch up for the past week, as you can imagine...It's been quite the 7 days!

And it's funny because I did stay on top of most of what was going on with Steem because of the application I'm going to be talking about this week...And that is @Partiko !

Arguably the most innovative and user friendly mobile application for Steem. As well as something that has changed much of my experience with engaging and interacting with the blockchain.

Let's dive in and check out...


What is Partiko?

It's a mobile application that allows Steem users to navigate the blockchain, post content, take pictures and engage with other Steemians...Offered on both major mobile operating systems, you can download Partiko via the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users.

Note: For all the examples in this article, I will be using the iOS version for iPhone.


(Example of the home feed on Partiko)

It's not an understatement when I say...Partiko changed my life!

Before I started using this application, I had tried numerous other Steem based mobile applications and they just never seemed to work. I couldn't log in, the app crashed all the time...It was a nightmare.

Along comes this beautifully created and easy to use application that just worked right out of the box and didn't require a PHd in computer science to use it.


Another awesome feature of Partiko is your notifications and mentions. Keeping up to date with who is talking to you and mentioning you on the blockchain can be tricky.

Luckily Partiko understood the need for easy to read notifications and mentions and integrated it right into the app. It can also be pushed to your phone anytime someone mentions you...VERY handy for those of us that LOVE to engage with our followers!


The layout and user experience is flawless...But the Partiko team didn't just stop at making it great to look at...They took it to another level with Partiko Points!

What Are Partiko Points?

It's like the in house currency for Partiko. You collect them by using the app, posting content, commenting on posts, responding to others, and recently...You can collect these points by viewing ads within the application.


Sounds great...But what good are Partiko Points? Are they worth something?

Yes and yes!

You see, you can exchange Partiko Points anytime you wish to use the application to post content!

This is what makes Partiko Points so valuable is that they are worth REAL upvotes on the Steem blockchain...


You can see how using Partiko has become a huge habit for so many Steemians...You are rewarded for using an application that looks like a million bucks...And then you can turn around and exchange those rewards for real upvotes!

Keep in mind....Once you start collecting these points...You won't want to stop ;)


But here's what it really comes down too....

Like I mentioned, I was away most of the week and the only way I was able to keep up with anything Steem related was on my phone via Partiko!

This cannot be understated! This is how most people will fall in love with crypto and blockchain projects...When they can open up their phone, and just USE IT!

We engage with each other on various social media platforms with ease because it's on our phones...

This is why Partiko has such a huge future!

It's the blockchain and SOCIAL MEDIA in the palm of you hands!

As you learn more and more about the power and potential of Steem, we cannot recommend Partiko enough. It's a huge part of SteemSavvy and one of the applications we believe in will help bring massive awareness to the blockchain!

Partiko is featured within your SteemSavvy members area in the 'dApps of STEEM' module!

Be sure to check it out and their amazing team that continues to develop this amazing application.


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