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Snorkeling in the Mediterranean for the first time with a GoPro


5 months agoSteemit3 min read

Hello everyone!

The heat has been pretty insane lately and from what I hear it's like that in most of Europe and probably in other parts as well. Today we got a bit of wind which felt fantastic and apparently in Italy(which is nearby) they are having very strong storms and in some parts hail as big as oranges. I saw a picture of it today and it reminded me of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". I hope that's not what's happening right now, lol.

Today I wanted to share some pictures with you again and it will be a bit different than my usual photo posts. You will see why soon.

These last couple of weeks I have been trying to spend as much of my free time at the beach as possible and it has been really great. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I had been snorkeling and how I was super shocked by how clear the water actually is here. So after that day I have been snorkeling pretty much every time I go there. So let's get to the photos. What I meant by unusual is that we actually had a GoPro-type camera with us and were able to take some pics underwater. It was our first time and we will probably get better at it but here are a few of my favorites.

I really liked this photo because there happened to be these small fishes around me and I thought that was dope.

This next one is a bit better and you can see that the water is really clear even though this isn't the best camera. You can see everything down to the bottom which at the place we were is around 4 meters deep. It's a good place to start out with some free diving and snorkeling.


And this is the last photo for today. It's a bit similar to the first one except no fishes but instead two big thumbs up! :D


Bonus GIF!!!

We also saw a jellyfish. They are very common here and some days they all decide to come up to the surface at once and that's the days that you don't want to go swim because these little guys will sting you and it can be painful for up to two weeks. It's called the Mauve Stinger(pretty cool name actually lol).


So that was it for todays post. I did notice the date is wrong on the photo and videos so don't let that confuse you. It was just set wrong on the camera we used. I will go diving soon and will probably try to take a few photos and videos then aswell to share with you guys! I also have a bunch of video footage from underwater which I might try to turn into a cool video I can post on DTube so stay tuned for that aswell.

Hope you are all having a great summer so far and thanks for stopping by!

Peace, Straw



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