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@abit Did The Trailer For The Movie "The Steemit Community"! We Carry On, In A Fun Contest Called: "unMEAN sTWEETs"


2 years agoSteemit14 min read

When I look at it, regardless, the first law of steemit states that:

 "If you bunch up creators; innovators; great minds and especially humans, out of their own hearty volition, to mine steem with their minds, while making them stakeholders, co-owners etc, of steem technology; then this equal to or greater than; 'a never-ending mini-dream'. @surpassinggoogle

So how about, we look at steemit and steem technology as ours

Investors here, most definitely; convincingly see steem technology as if it is theirs. Whales, dolphins etc; definitely see steem technology as theirs! 

How about steemians like me, with say 1,000 steem power and below? 
How about if we started to treat steemit, like the co-owners that we actually are, as well! 

My point is, if you own a house and you get tenants in it and they misuse the furniture and puncture the walls etc; do we hastily react and pull down the house? 

Do you leave the house out of tiredness and abandon ownership of it; to the tenants? 

Most likely, no! We will passionately put in effort to renovate it; to fix it and if it is only one room in the entire building that we own, we will renovate and fix that room!

I am not trying to teach! I am mostly talking of me as a steemian.

I have like a little bit over 1000 steem power and it may be uncut comedy; but i am co-owner of steem technology. 

Now, "steemit is beautiful!

If my dear little portion of steemit, is starting to grow scars, do i quit? I don't intend to! "I will try donate my portion to fix the entire steemit or fix my tiny portion of steemit!"

I am becoming enthusiastic about steemit as something that I own. In layman’s term; 'as i gradually understand what steem technology is and the model around which it is built, I marvel at its genius!' 

I believe in steemit and I don’t see it failing. My conviction is strong! In the first steemit meetup in Manila, Philippines recently, i; who was only recently, a newbie to blockchain, social network on blockchain, crypotocurrency etc impromptuly had to speak about steemit to regular internet users and as i explained steemit in layman terms, i saw it; "Steem technology and steemit is indeed a beauty!"

Steemit isn't build to fail!

But if it does fail; in my case, there can't have been a loss! The "mining with minds" will continue endlessly! Only the token changes! For an investor here, it may not be that easy! Therefore, the solution is; "We must make sure it doesn't fail and we can!"

Steemit and steem technology means alot to different people and for some steemians; amongst many other things, steemit is a means to GIVE. "A means to inspire, influence, touch someone out there; by means of a simple upvote or by means of a timely comment".

If I had the means, I would buy steem, just to give it out in upvotes. 

If giving has become as easy as an upvote; "Then we have all given". "If we have all given; then we have not lost!"

Steemit as an addiction: 

I have seen people call steemit, their addiction

But steemit is one beautiful addiction: "it affords its users, the luxury of having their say; running your own dream!

According to me, even now that the price of steemit is declining; "yes, it is scary"; but nothing is wrong with steemit that we cannot fix! We just have to take charge and do what we do best, "mine with our minds" and for now, if there is not much steem, let's mine with our minds; for the many other beautiful things about steemit. "There is also its very amazing beautiful community!" 

"Come For The Rewards, Stay for the community!"

I wont lie, this is a big statement! On today's internet, a true community of great minds is luxury. It doesn't exist anywhere!

I spoke to @papa-pepper, @kus-knee, @benjojo today, for the very first time and yes, 'i am somebody' but in reality; on the internet; "who i'm i? Yet, they gave me ears and if they had apprehension or rules, they broke it and gave room to me. It doesn't happen anywhere! 

Facebook can suspend your account, if you live in Philippines and you even as much as send a friend request to someone in USA. 

Steemit is ours and if it fading, we will fix it, enhance it, etc; and if we are a bit tired but we maintain community at the very least; someone out there, will fix it or create something to fix it!

"A Comment When Timely, Can Fix".

Look at this example: assuming @peugenio is one young developer. He solo-sat-down in his room, to bring his imagination to live and created Instagram on steroids built on Steem -  PhotoSteem, almost at the same time as perhaps, a more renown project called Steepshot. 

No doubt, it is may be a bit demoralizing to a person, to heartily create a product constituting his dream; only to find out that, there is a similar product out there, produced by a company and released at almost the same time as his. 

This is where community comes in: "Timely comments to inspire, upbuild, encourage @peugenio etc; and especially to remind him, that each person is unique and that his idea is all the same special, can very easily mean that @peugenio does not get discouraged and keeps on with his project as he tries to enhance it with his own twist, for he is assured of a beautiful community behind him and potential users and believers of subsequent projects.

I Want To Playfully Fix What I Can And I Implore You To Join The Cause!

Recently, I haven’t been seeing dem comments, mostly on my posts and not to lie, I miss them! 

I want to talk back and forth! 

So i decided to think of a tiny, easy, playful way to bring the comments back!

@abit has been putting conscious efforts, to encourage comments so as to stir interaction and a true steemit community, thus, the need to mention him in this post. 

I need the help of the steemit community. 

I have tried in the past to create initiatives but none has worked or perhaps, i didn't keep on with them. At the time, i was a newbie and didn't really know how things worked, but i do have some understanding now and it is very obvious that i can't do this alone!

I will try to explain my initiative in draft form in this post as the initiative isn't completely outlined but its road map is clear! It is actually a very simple initiative, thus; after interactions on this post and discussion with a few amazing steemians, who are willing to support my mini-dream or cause; the initiative will be up and running!


There has been talks of drama on steemit, the downvotes, etc! 

The really beautiful drama on steemit, to constantly see; is in the truly loving, homely, heartfelt, enthusiastic sweetness; that it spills endlessly, in its every nook and cranny!

The Comment Party!

"Who said we can celebrate our comment?" 

In comments, 'status'; don’t matter as much! Unlike in a post; comments are impromptu; back and forth; down-to-earth; more likely to be in layman terms; raw; heartfelt; incited; YOU!

I got my first ever large comment earning, courtesy of @abit's vote weeks ago and he has been encouraging interactive commenting thus, true community alot!

"Earning for a comment", improves the value of steem. Even if this may just be an illusion; "it definitely feels more amazing, more precious; if you earned steem for a comment!"

 Yes, if you earned some steem, for some simple loving comment; you will treasure it, perhaps, even more than payouts for a post; because you didn’t really intend to earn from it in the first place. 

Now, If You Can Get Some Steem For Your Comments, Won't You Go For It?

Assuming @abit is doing the trailer for the upcoming movie called; "The Steemit Community", we carry on and create the actual movie, thus; the start of this initiative or fun contest called: "unmean sTWEETs"

image source/credit to: imgur.com

"unmean sTWEETs":

Stand alone; short; summarized tweet-like sentiments, thoughts, quotes, found around steemit in the comments; that displays creativity; tangibility; weight; knowledge; thoughts and at the same time sensibly; playfully; indicates that steemit is beautiful; that reiterates the beauty that the upcoming community will bring; that lays bare the beautiful hearts and persons of steemians; that give insight into the beautiful future of steemit; with hopes that this will spur reaction; love; care; sharing in short instantaneous ways and utmostly instigate; fun; laughs; peace at heart; forgiveness as well as strengthen our conviction in steem technology. 


Let’s repaint that to ourselves and display that to the world! Let’s re-engage with ourselves and get to know each other. Let’s tell every steemian, that a even a tiny piece of their mind as seen in the comments is valued and even valuable. 

As we strengthen our steemit community; this will strengthen our conviction in the imminent breakthrough of steemit; which will instill us into bringing new people into our finally established home-away-from-home! This will help us see more need to create things, that will shoot steem technology to the mainstream.

This initiative; "unmean sTWEETs"; will be curation; promotion; visibility; community; in the smartest snappiest fun way; "the comment party!"

Draft Explaining How The Initiative Or Contest Will Work!

I am not very experienced, with how to run an initiative or contest on steemit successfully and this is where your input is needed. I want this one to happen and regardless, i will try to post weekly the best unmean sTWEETs i see, while encouraging other steemians, to drop unmean sTWEETs, that they have been able to gather; in the comments of my posts, for some form of rewards! 

Ofcourse, an unmean sTWEET can also simply be your comment, that will fall in line with some playful rules. The rules will be flexible but will exist, just to incite and maintain a level of creativity and to keep curating comments fun and easy.

Steemit is dreamland and filled with the dreams of great minds; thus, it may be impossible to mash up entire sentiments and weighty thoughts, into 140 characters, like is the case with Twitter Tweets; thus, we will look into perhaps, a 140 words limit etc. This will be discussed for sure, before the contest begins. 

The aim is to create a concept, that will inspire us to comment; curate; celebrate amazing comments, with the possibility of earning steem.

 So basically, once a week, i will be publishing the contest; which will allow contestants submit curated comments in the form of unmean sTWEETs; allowing winners and who knows, all participants to earn some steem or rewards of some form. 

With time, this will progress into a full blown contest and a hashtag dedicated to posts celebrating the best comments throughout steemit.

 Guidelines will be flexible, to allow the entire endeavor to be fun and fulfilling!

With time we will improve the contest so that is modeled after how steemit works! Steemians will be allowed to take charge and have a stake in how the contest run. It will hopefully becoming a giving party, to also inspire the art of giving as giving is now as simple as an upvote or sending out some steem.

Hopefully, this post gets some traction so that this concepts gets supporter. Overall, i will be reaching out to the few steemians i have come to know, who relish giving to guide how the contest should run. This post will determine alot but i am not giving up. At the very least, you will be seeing my posts celebrating unmean sTWEETS among my general steemit posts. 

How Winners of the contest will be paid, how many winners and how much they will be paid, will eventually be made public in the post that begins the contest called "unmean sTWEETS". Discussions from this post will determine alot but i am hopefully that some steemians will support by contributing steem to reward contestants. 

For this one, i am not quitting. Overall, my path on steemit was to 'inspire the inspirers' of steemit and i have written posts in the past, that studied steemians but this became harder because of work, thus, it subsided!

 However, in the short time, that i was writing about fellow steemians and getting to know them, my follower count really increased! Basically, there is no loss and you get to build your own real community.

So you can be sure, that i will not be quitting on this project and i will be visiting your comments soon! 

I will try to highlight around 10 unmean sTWEETs in a post, when i eventually start; so as not to be tagging too many people and this series will be likely only once a week!

Let's Do A Preview, So That You Get The Gist!

I will lead by example and I will start with an example of unmean sTWEETs!  

Stweets will be undiluted raw and exactly in the words of stweeters! 

10 unmean sTWEETs from the past week: 

1. Screw It. I'm Powering Up. #250 on the Rich List.

The reason Steemit is not taking off is the community. Technology in and by itself is amazing, but we live times when technology is incredibly easy to find and use. What's really holding back the growth of Steemit/Steem is the sentiment created by frequent drama.  Hard to tell if and when the drama will end, but if and when the drama will end, the price of Steem will start its well deserved journey to the Moon. @dragosroua 


2. When does Science Fiction take itself too seriously?

As primitive as our emotions are, they do help us understand morality in terms of love, pain, joy, fear, etc. AI will need an understanding of our values if we want to survive as a species. Otherwise we may end up with a paperclip utility monster. @lukestokes

3. US Used Depleted Uranium In Syria

 Today has been dominated by disappointing and shocking revelations about just how little we know and how much is manipulated and hidden and abused. @daisyd 



 imagine going from that back in the day (real thing) to now crypto.. it just is rather mind-blowing! amazing times we are living in! mysterical imagination  @doitvoluntarily


5. Its time to call out the trolls

Trolls are scarce... more scarce than people that may dislike me... but they do have a tendency to congregate into small groups once discovering each other. troll mathematics. @gavvet 

6. Delicious Smoothie Bowls

My favorite breakfast is normally a mixture of berries (raspberries, blueberries, black berries, and strawberries with just about anything, normally cereal or yogurt.... @gringalicious 

7. GOOGLE SEARCH: When the penny drops, and it will ........ STEEMIT will explode..!!

In the future people will soon start to Google beginning their search with "Steemit", like.....
Steemit Recipes
Steemit Photographs
Steemit News
Steemit Trump
Steemit Art
Steemit Travel
Steemit Health
........you get the message. Thanks for the support. I appreciate it. Stephen  @stephenkendal 

8. What you do when no one's looking might define your success.

 being lazy is the single biggest factor in loosing out. my friends were to lazy to setup a btc wallet in 2013/14. now everybody is asking me about how to do that.. @knozaki2015

9. The best attribute of the Steem Virus - the ability to give.

  I remember times on Steem when i had like 30% of SP i have now and i could give person 1 USD with 1 click.. Which is like 1 beer in many countries.Now i have way more, i have trail following my upvotes with witnesses and... i give just cents as a total! @kingscrown


10. The best attribute of the Steem Virus - the ability to give

If the natural state for most people is to do no harm, to share, to give, once they have enough themselves, the barriers that separate us are removed and there is less corruption to worry about and compete with @benjojo

Your boy Terry


If you are yet to join steemit.com; sign up now and leave me a comment! I will guide on your steemit journey till you are able to stand alone. We stay friends on and on, though!


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