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An Insight Into "Legit Illiteracy".


last yearBusy5 min read

I know i am weak currently but if i do recover, there are several things i want to do. Unlike years ago, these things were scattered and the model behind these things, "not fully placed" but these things are now and i am grateful that this is the case. 

This is one giant reason, that my being does just want to just quit. 

For instance, it is now known that i want to complete 3 simple innovation(s) (steemgigs.org, ulogs.org, macrohard) and the Teardrops SMT. This wasn't all known, years ago.

I have wanted to adjust the world. I have been gifted to do this. I can't change the world.
"The world" in this case, is key. It tells of a large populace, "the entire populace".

Looking at the world from outside in, one basic thing i saw, which was so obvious but no so obvious to the world itself is that, "not one innovation created for the world so far, has been able to take cognizance of the entire world, in the evolution of their innovation model". Innovators have tried but they have not succeeded. They have so wanted to but they have not been able to. Well, the thing is, they have not been able to look at the globe, "from outside in".In my small case, i needed to embark on a route that brought about beautiful disruption and thus balance, in this regard; a route that compliments the other routes and to accomplish this, i need to go outside the globe to peer from outside in.

Then i could see!

The world itself is painted. So what's shown as "the world", isn't really the clear world but i would explain these things better over the course of time, hoping i recover. I would have my own small school and one of the key courses in it will be called, "Legit Illiteracy" and to write out the various subjects that will make up this course and actually teach this course, is something i hope to do, when i recover.There is a lot of rare Intel in the hands of the "Legit Illiterate" and the world is indeed making an oblivious shift and losing some of its paint, making this all the more glaring. One of the tools that has highlighted this even more in recent times, is the "steem blockchain", which to me, was bigger things than just another tech or just another reward-distribution-mechanism etc even from the very first time i stepped on it and until now. 

It constituted also (to me), "a CCTV into the true state of the world.

The world itself, as much as it feels "it is literate", isn't all that literate. Those who have been pronounced "illiterate" by standards in the world, "aren't all that illiterate either". Legit illiteracy is the ingredient that can bring about balance. When i eventually write this course study, these will be some of the subjects:

Don't mind me, this is just a draft. 
  • keyer things than morals
  • times to dislike "consolation"
  • the first obviouser simplest solutions
  • the testimonial harder route
  • creating valid illusions
  • money; "the smaller things"
  • removing barriers to entry
  • putting "everyone" into the paradigm
  • the world is painted, remove some of the paint
  • shedding all or some of "the nation".
  • half-humanism 
  • hand-to-mouthism.
  • It's complicated? Adding English into the Mathematics.
  • no plan b. only plan A. 
  • soap is good, ask the soap master
  • there is nothing like racism
  • comedy solutions
  • explore the senses.
  • exercising "choice". Choosing to quit
  • You weren't exploited.
  • From pauperism to CEOism in a jiffy
  • Newton's 4 law of motion
  • in the face of hassle, find testimonial use for "great".
  • your "greatness" is in your cookies
  • starvation is sweet.
  • keeping dreams alive in dream-bits.
  • words still rule the world
  • mining the human
  • ulogging
  • donkeylife
  • blockchain's real beauty
  • directional fun
  • what do you see?
  • etc

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