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Are You Interested In Getting 'Certified' Under The Teardrops SMT Ecosystem?


9 months agoBusy7 min read

Special Note: If you are already interested in getting 'certified', under the teardrops SMT ecosystem, simply click here and submit your email to participate, if you haven't already done so in the past. If you don't know about the teardrops SMT yet or about becoming a 'certified ulogger', please read our preface below.......


There will be an entire 'paper' explaining the teardrops SMT ecosystem and the indispensable role of 'certified uloggers' in our ecosystem and it will be a beautiful colorless paper. 

For now, we will keep this preface short, so that we can focus on the essence of this form.

We want everyone to participate. Where you are unable to participate, you can implore others to participate. It is becoming time to gather now and we want to appeal to your interest. 

Within this form, we will like to gather your 'best email' contacts as we begin to prepare to create a close-knit group constituting of a 'grey-list of certified uloggers'.

Where you participate in this form by submitting your best email contact, we will be able to contact you about 'proceedings' related to the teardrops SMT ecosystem and intimate you further on what to do, to become a 'certified ulogger'.

'Certified uloggers' will be the backbone of the entire teardrops SMT ecosystem. 

Under the teardrops SMT umbrella, there will be three steem-based interfaces altogether, posed to bring about breakthrough in 'human' globally. These three interfaces are 'https://ulogs.org', 'https://steemgigs.org' and Macrohard (an enterprise that removes all barriers to entry from programming, by gathering the nations to code with swag).

We will also build one globally-played game-app and a new system of 'school' (where every(any) can school in) called 'legit illiteracy'.

Our token is a 'breakthrough token' and 'emblem of human' called the 'teardrops token', to reward proof of tears, whether happy, sad or un-fell; for en-route 'mining the human' into its awesomest version, there is bound to be many tears.

Our entire model will be built around 'mining the human'. Bulls or bears should have no consequence on the success of the teardrops token, because humans are involved.

Our scarce model will be built around a 'grey-list of certified uloggers'. Our primary aim thus, will be to organically and dynamically grow this list.

We want to start gathering now.

Here are you some reasons may be interested in getting 'certified':

  • Certified uloggers will have exclusive perks across all three steem-interfaces i.e 'steemgigs.org', 'ulogs.org' and Macrohard 
  • Certified uloggers will witness our unfolding and play an active role in building our ecosystem.
  • Certified uloggers will be actual owners on our ecosystem.
  • Each of our steem-interfaces interface will actively look to reference, promote, celebrate 'certified uloggers', regardless of their status, stake, level of literacy etc
  • We will have a close-knit community of real brothers/sisters (via chat channels etc), accessible only to certified uloggers.
  • We will actively help 'certified uloggers' build their noble dreams.
  • Each of our three steem-interfaces is modeled to dynamically innovate ways to bring 'certified uloggers' to further limelight.
  • We will build all 'value', not around a scarce-token but around a grey-list of certified uloggers.
  • Certified uloggers will be at the forefront of our token economy and distribution.
  • Only certified uloggers can feature on any of our TV(s) and on any side-innovation under the teardrops ecosystem.
  • Certified uloggers will play an active role in historical history, by being at the forefront of our growth.
  • Every(any)one can become 'certified'.
  • Our entire ecosystem is built around 'removing all barriers to entry'.
  • UI-perks will be earn-able by 'certified uloggers' across all three of our steem-interfaces.
  • Two of the three steem-interfaces are being built and in use and there is one more to come and the teardrops SMT will also form a token of influence across all three platforms.
  • The teardrops SMT will have a variety of dynamic utilities.
  • etc

If you have developed some interest so far in getting 'certified', let's start the process below. Kindly leave us your best email address on this google form:


Don't forget to share this form to as many people who you feel may be interested too, especially with anyone who has followed our journey on #untalented, #ulog #teardrops #surpassinggoogle #steemgigs etc

Read More: https://ulogs.org/teardrops/@surpassinggoogle/the-teardrops-smt-is-still-in-its-imaginary-state-but-it-is-time-to-start-gathering-read-this-and-consider-joining-our-telegram 

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


I Still Have Open Task Requests

I have a total of 620 additional steem for ulogs.org related task request: 

If you love to contribute codes to steemgigs.org, you will find open task requests here:

Simply leave a comment underneath the post, to tell me which task you are interested in. I will tell you if it is still open. 

I am working hard these last few days in January. Each day left in January counts and matters a lot, so if you help me, it matters. If you create development-posts related to these tasks via utopian, there is likely curation from utopian.

There has been recent development on steemgigs.org, which you can track on our GitHub and by visiting steemgigs.org to explore the site. We are hoping that it re-launches this January and never stops working from then on.

You can support the development of my projects

To send me FIAT with debit/credit card click HERE or you can send Steem/SBD to '@surpassinggoogle'. You can also delegate Steem Power to '@steemgigs/@ulogs' using this tool.
my "Thank You" is hefty.

Inspire Me

I am Terry, 'your boy terry' and i implore you to kindly buy out time to watch the entirety of my 43:43 mins video below:

If you can buy out more time, please see the entirety of this video:

If you can buy out more time, please see the entirety of this post!

Special Note

If you are a developer or anyone who passionately loves these projects e.g ulogs.org, steemgigs.org, macrohard the teardrops SMT etc and would like to help build it and see that it comes to life, kindly send an email to [email protected]
There is a lot to build.

If you are a potential advisor and one who can help with directions, suggestions and connections, please join in too by sending an email to [email protected]

Kindly vote for the "steemgigs" witness. 

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

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