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Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum As She Fights To Hold On To Life. Steemit/Steem: Don't Quit!; "The Cheating In Life Must Abate".


2 years agoSteemit9 min read

Steemit; "don't quit!" Steem: "keep on!" There is so much cheating in this life!

Life is something else! I wonder how i cope. I do wonder especially, how i manage to stay sane. I wonder how others cope. "It is something else!"

Half the problems in the world are so-so-so avoidable, even very-unnecessary, yet people do this problems like crazy and eat on it like daily-bread and cling on to hope, in an endless incessant cling; but why is there this so-strong inclination to hold on still, when half these problems that turn many into clingers were avoidable and unnecessary in the first place. 

In many nations, half the problems, even ailments, can have been avoided but in these nations, intense very-unnecessary suffering, seats itself like curriculum, so much so that "suffering" becomes extremely normal.

Why are we so half-human, when it comes to a true fight. Even when it comes to clinging, why do many have less-than-half a fighting chance; "there is so much cheating in this thing called life".

Why do we fight in the first place; really? Why do we get to make things so complicated, when life in itself can end in a jiffy. Seriously, why do i have to be strong and do "strong-man" till eternity, when indeed, there was never a fight altogether. "We are weaklings!". If you want to argue it, let's go! "We are mere dust". When it comes down to it, we are sillyly weak.

Why do i have to rise again? Hahaha, i have done workloads of that. Hahaha, why do i have to have fallen and fallen and fallen, like its a job. 

If probabilities is either "a yes" or "a no", why do probabilities like to tend towards "a no", in the case of many? There is so-so-so much cheating in this life!

Now, i try to figure things out and perhaps, many many "no(s)" can start to equal "a yes" but why does figuring these things out, have to be a portion for many in the first place? Why must many have to have their entire life's jackpot, in the hand's of another; in the form of "one yes" and why the heck is this anonymous Yes-man hoarding this easy utterance ("yes") for ages?

Yes, why why do i have to rise again, when the fall was caused by intense very-unnecessary, very-avoidable, almost-useless suffering; and when this valueless-suffering, we keep doing, like night and day; why is it so so so hard to want to depart Earth still?

There is so so so much cheating in this life. And when it comes down to a fight; one last or second-to-the-last giant-big-fight for life itself, we can't go for even this battle, like a full human. "Even that one luxury is taken away from us!" (Very silly stuff!)

And who says, you must do ages and time in intense suffering, for you to learn to be strong? "Silly consolation!"

A ton of the world out there don't do these things. A ton of the world, didn't have to pass through these phase, yet we chew on silly-suffering like yum-cream-cone! "Silly stuff".

When all we spend ages doing is "wells of tears"; what's left of us? When we have done "time", wailing all the juicy part out due to intense very-unnecessary/very-avoidable suffering, do we ever get to experience "tears of joy" ever, like others do?

I tell you, many of the "tears" you have cried, that you call "tears of joy" aren't really "tears of joy". Many of the news, that appear like jackpot-goodnews, aren't really that jackpot. 

"When you suffer, suffer, suffer, every tiny new news is suddenly jackpotty".

My mum fights like crazy; i watch it! She has suffered like crazy. She ate suffering like food and now, when she has got hopes that she will rest and suffering can abate even a bit by means of us (kids), she fell to illness and the fights resume; but why? 

Not even that; now in the very giant battle, why are our legs cut? Why can't we at least be given that one luxury of fighting like complete humans, even in this one big fight? Why do we have to re-re-re-eat consolation all over again and be told, "don't sweat it, you are half-human"; so its okay and normal, if you can't get to fight and cling on to life, like other whole-humans! 

Nobody is whole and nobody is half; there is just so so so much cheating in this life.

Hahaha, so why do we complicate things and be good and noble at all? Why can't we just merry and be hurtful and ask forgiveness afterall? And who says, we would be forgiven? "I would forgive you" because life is something i understand and life is something else!

I tell you, my mum's illness was very-avoidable and too-unnecessary and my dad's too but we were half-humans all along, tied by invisible ropes. "No we weren't half-humans!" We were great humans but have had unnecessarily (even unfairly), to battle against life itself and in this life, there is simply so much cheating! 

For some however, there is no choice but to fight still. We push and i will. 

I watch it. I watch her suffer but she fights like crazy. "Unnecessary battles" but we battle like crazy still. 

Stay alive mama, for we have got "steemit/steem" now and some of these cheating will abate. It's decentralized and gives everyone a fighting chance and a voice and this voice of ours, will reach the nooks and crannies of each ear.

The doctors keep running; keep saying "a no" but they most definitely don't hold this "yes"; for this particular "YES" is kept safe for us in Jehovah's bosom in Jesus' name amen.

"Don't leave mama"; not yet, for i want you to stay! Hang in there, let's do steem/steemit together and let's start to fixing some of the cheating in this life, even on behalf of others and let's watch and drool in this new-found beauty, where each person at least has a fighting chance in the big/small battles. 

"Steem/Steemit; stay as well". No shaking, no competition, no setback! "We can't see these things". You have allowed me to dent this piece of my legacy into you, so hang in there for the testimonies that follow.

I Pray My Mama Lives

Chemo is going to be dangerous for her, so we are starting out alternative medicine. She is drained and her blood count is a low and platelet count is extremely low, her eyes has blood in them. 

Two doctors assessed her and they aren't positive and its painful. Deep down, i wish by now, we (the kids) had the means to fight for her like complete humans but there is a ton of factors that tie us. Well, there are no ropes, so for now, we hope to try; to pray and hope that her blood count can pick up again. "She won't take blood!"

I am with hopes that next week, we can start alternative medicine under MDs. I don't get to talk this much, please bear with me. Words can't cover the true context of stuff like this and how i process them. If you have any ideas, about alternative medicines for leukemia, kindly leave a comment with tips.

All I Do Now And Have Done On Steem/Steemit, Is Dedicated To Her.

Underlyingly, the reason for setting up a full RPC node "wss://steemd.steemgigs.org" for steemit, is to start dedicating things to her, by loving humanity even more. 

"The steemgigs interface" and surpassinggoogle.com etc as well, that i am trying to haste into existence in the coming weeks, is also being hasted upon, so i can dedicate something, a produce of me, to her

I so so so want to show it to her, as something of me, that we will gift to humanity to fix matters a bit and lift some of the suffering. 

She will have some more valuable tears in her eyes even amidst her pain, when she sees it and of that i am sure.

I need to rush these things, so as too show her. Everyday at this moment, counts like crazy. 

Deep down in my heart, i know she will stay! When she gets strong again and back to life. My dad's case will be next. 

This is an era of fixing and it won't stop. I won't. Jehovah keep our lives in his bosom and i won't stop loving you and when i use the word "love", it is not just a word; "it is a heftily weighty word, staunch, proven and fully felt!" 

It is not theory; its practical.

Your Boy Terry


I do need strength

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful, especially in terms of giving me the direly needed extra drive & strength. Overall, there is no doubt, that i have been here on steemit, proven, solid and i will keep on being here! Steemit is in my books and my heart has a soft spot for it and this will keep on because upon it, i kept my legacies and even my sad stories and most utmostly, i get to have awesome YOU.

For humans and steemians, i am all in, for you all

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses.

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.

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"Everyone has something to offer!" 

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