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How @cheetah Grew A Heart Overnight! - The Funniest Post On Steemit!


3 years agoSteemit10 min read

This will likely be one of the funniest posts on Steemit!

@cheetah became kinder!

@cheetah; "so much speed, in it how it teleports to your newly uploaded post, to leave you those dreaded replies!

Well, especially if you are a noob; @cheetah is quite scary. 

It saps your energy! You are an already tired being, from strenuous steemit-posting and @cheetah came around again and you are instantly drained. You feel like you have been blacklisted. You feel you are being followed; "where is that privacy?".

You've barked and barked; then got tamed and apologetic! Then you suddenly want to battle and bark again but instead you play along and become sarcastic but in a humorous manner. 

Finally, you want to STAY mute but you can't resist it! You can't resist the urge to talk; to explain; to plea; to beg; to ask forgiveness! 

"Silence is the best answer for a fool"!

@cheetah stays endlessly mute and "You certainly are no fool!"

I feel you! I have gone through this and it can even make one quit steemit and especially in the past; before @cheetah got a change of heart; i lived in fear of @cheetah

I was innocent; I was experimenting; I was learning; but @cheetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, was there on my neck!

Overall, this post is intended to be all comedy; to easy the tension; to laugh at ourselves; to laugh together! 

@cheetah did indeed get a change of heart. It leaves friendly comments and even upvote posts. This wasn't the case in the past!

We have luxury on steemit. The only place else, where people can live peacefully with cheetahs; is Paradise!

(image is definitely @cheetah's)

@cheetah has 14070 posts!

'14070 posts altogether' - '2 written posts' = 14070 comments.

Well, i wasn't able to scan through all its posts as i am no bot, but i very much doub, that @cheetah ever replies! 

It likes to stay mute, at least in my case, while i ranted and lamented and explained my innocence!


Real Comedy! I mean, @cheetah stays mute but we hardly resist the urge to talk or reply! Hahaha!

So for some more comedy sake; i will highlight amazing reactions of many steemians, including me, to @cheetah's current favorite lyrics:

"Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author"

(NB: In the past, @cheetah was way fiercer than this. It indeed, got a change of heart)

Below, we'll cover amazing reactions of steemians to the @cheetah effect; ranging from lamentation, to hilarious sarcasm, to mean Stweets, to barks, to pleas, to pleading innocence, to pleading guilty, to etc.

Let's have one giant LAUGH together!

The fear of @cheetah, is the beginning of what? 


Please remove me from the blacklist. In my article, only two  photos taken from the site (I was given a permit workers cafe that I  advertised them). The text I wrote myself, and all my other photos!  Steemit  for me not only a place where you can show off your talents.  Steemit for me a source of earnings. Since the work we have in the  country is bad. I have a lot of articles spread to the phone, the phone I  have no superpowers, so the source I can not copy and paste, there is  no such function. Therefore, I ask you not to block. Not zaberat I have  the opportunity to earn

Haha, i feel you @dasha193! I dealt with this. I did feel haunted but that was way back then! Now, it is something to laugh about. It was way scarier then too! @cheetah, didn't upvote posts and it sounded pretty harsh. 

Imagine being told, that you copy/pasted, without a link to where you copy/pasted from. On that particular post, i related had related my findings form history video about ancient Rome in my own words. 

Perhaps, a string of words, that i have used, has appeared somewhere online which is very possible, as we are all talking on facts in history. 

But then, the term copy/paste by @cheetah, at the time, did have deterring effect because ofcourse, i didn't copy/paste. 

In the past, a comment from @cheetah bot, could so equally mean a downvote or flag as well! 

But someone, must have bought some heart for @cheetah, as @cheetah did change! It is marveling to witness its transformation. 

In a recent post, i spoke on how we can live with bots on steemit, because for the first time on the entire internet, "bots on steemit, have a measure of heart!"

At that time too, you easily felt, that you were on some blacklist. Well, that is very possible but in my case, this fears subsided with time. 

I couldn't keep living with fear of the @cheetah, on steemit, thus, i evolved. 

My fear was pretty high. I became afraid of the reply notification. I was new and didn't understand things well. 

Once in past, when for the first time, i was to have my very first post, with a large potential payout as it got featured by @curie; just before payout, it got flagged by @cheetah and my payout vanished! It was indeed devastation at the time. 

I started instant adjustment and went into writing only 6-word type post, for a period, in a bid to beat @cheetah's antics, by breaking every possibility, that someone out there on the internet, has used exactly the same string of words, that i have used! 

Then @cheetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah started to become this in @cheeta in my steemit life and journey and it all came back to me. I got free again. It is relief indeed!

So now is the time to laugh at the past a bit; my past; as i see your ordeals with @cheetah and i am reminded of mine. 

I feel you. I feel you!

Let's laugh it off and no longer be too pressured, for @cheetah has had a change of heart and now upvotes your posts even as it leaves friendly teaching reminders. 

Bear with it a bit, for it is just one innocent, perhaps toddler bot!

 No doubt, it is demoralizing still, when @cheetah leaves that dreaded message as we feel it may deter steemians and the guilds; @streemtrail etc, from picking up on our posts; but i think steemians are getting ever more familiar with this routine cheetah message.

More amazing reactions:

"@cheetah: Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:"


Hey @cheetah, don't forget about chapters 1&2, and 4-9 too! Thanks for the up vote 

Cheetahs are multilingual?


yo soy el autor. No hay plagio de nada ni de nadie 



Yes. It is my own blog, where I posted my own words. Is it forbidden? I'm so sorry! 

AWWW @edel; I been this way! The @cheetah tamed me. I became so apologetic at the time!

Did i just bark?


 I am not robot.
Do you understand? 


Cheetah, its from my god damn website, chill the fuck out bot lol. 


can not say anything to u,auto robot! 

Competition: Can you compete with a @cheetah?


good boy @cheetah  You lose broo....

Just when i thought @cheetah was an animal, i am hit with this:


 fix your programming cheetah. I already reference that link. 


Nice Job Protocol Droid.  Now if you could just update your  programming so that you don't bother posting a message which people can  clearly figure out for themselves.  I already linked to this article you  damn toaster! 

Pretty woman, i feel your pain!


FYI so this is MY show, but we air it originally on Liberty.me.   Do I need to get flagged every time when it's content that I am the  originator of?  For logistics, we do it first on L.me, but it gets all  its promo from me and I cover the expense of producing the show.  These  markings are therefor kinda frustrating :/  Anything to do to fix that?   Is this detracting from my steemit valuation of the post? 

"When sarcasm is Hillary?" "Nope, when sarcasm is hilarious!"


Hi! I am a human. I just upvoted you! 


 Hi Cheetah. Sence your the only one to RSVP (as to now) are you  going to be on the show. We never had a bot before. You would be the  first. 😀 


 Missed you. You little scamp;D~  What would we do without you. You little scamp. 

What am i doing in the same place as a @cheetah?


of course, I made the animations of this video !!! ((( If I can´t post my own work, then what I m doing here???? 

I didn't get paid, why are you still on my neck?


 You betcha! That's why I declined payout, it's a fascinating  project that I wanted to share with the Steemit community. Thanks for  looking out @cheetah 


@cheetah: "When i prey, i leave bones!" Where is your evidence? 


 Hello, the original content belongs to me.  I have the evidence for it too. Thanks :) 

More pretty reactions to @cheetah woes:


"Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:
"What the?" I questioned.
"Oh don't mind him, he's my bot" Arty said, smiling, gold tooth glinting.
He pulled the cold metallic object from my side.  I quickly glanced.  It was definitely a gun.
"So, this is what you are going to do"
"Beep bop beep!  Upvote!" exlaimed Cheetah.
"Shut up!" Arty shouted into his bag.
I looked in, curious, and what I saw was... 


Hi @cheetah. I'm beginning to think you're the only one that reads my reviews lol Thank you, I did mention that the review was first found on the  Historical Novel Society's site but it doesn't hurt to mention it again  :)

On the side:

I needed to highlight this, as @timcliff does know way more about what is going around steemit, than i know but he still could resist the @cheetah:

 @timcliff spoke:

 Hi @cheetah - thanks for the upvote :)
That is last week's report.

I really wanted to do much more on this post but i will stop here! There is an issue with time frame. I am in the Philippines and since i started on steemit, i have always posted at midnight and beyond and never during the day, my time; so as to match time zones in other countries, like USA etc. 

This post was really hurried and done in the short intervals, during my night job; so it was a struggle!

An influence for this post is @stellabelle. In one of her posts, she did a fun video, that involved a bot called @asshole; that caused a scare to steemians and in her more recent post, she was open to ideas for a new video concept, thus, i started to look in this direction! 

I hope you enjoy this post as disorderly as it is and no longer is there need, to live on steemit, in fear of @cheetah.

It has had a change of heart and is now amazingly friendly. If it comes around on this post, perhaps i will have my very first @cheetah upvote!

Your boy terry



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