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I Am Telling You For A Fact, "There Will Never Be Another 'Steemit'". Any Doubts? Read This Post!


last yearBusy13 min read

I visited Cebu Philippines for @steemsummit

More than anything, i wanted to be where my celebrities were gathered. I wanted to be there to let them feel my fanhood in its depth and realness, so that perhaps, they will draw from it incessantly and keep on being celebrities (true steemhumans). 

So, just after the SteemGigs discord talk show which happened from (last) Friday night till late into Saturday morning, i started concluding on my decision to visit @steemsummit in Cebu Philippines. 

I arrived in Cebu, Sunday

Just before the talk on discord that Friday night, i had sent this pre-recorded video message to @jassennessaj upon his request. 

He wanted to play it at the event since there was no evidence that i will be there. He had hopes that my message will inspire the many in attendance. 
Thank you @jassennessaj for your care towards others and leadership

Then, during the discord talk, where steemians had gathered to hear me speak, there was a rarely special vibe all through (from 11 pm Friday to 3.23 am Saturday). It was all different! "There was real love involved. It was deep. It was intense. Gosh, it was real!

People got shy! I was shy too because there was so much "love" in the voice room that night and it wasn't mediocre love. It was the unshaken breed and gosh, it was special. 

My words that night; "simple as they are"; steemians chose to give "them" value, not because "my words have sugar"; twas because they loved me!

And my "inspirational words and original quotes"; steemians wrote them and kept them and dented them into their hearts not because they were "anything" but because "these words contained pieces of me and they have chosen to love these pieces".

Even when i vote on posts, however small the amount was, steemians keep screenshots of these for keeps, not because "i am anything" but because they have come to love me for real. They have chosen to give these votes (beyond financial essence) testimonial value as incessant inspiration, not because "@surpassinggoogle is anything" but because, they have to come love what "@surpassinggoogle" represents and the "mere dust" behind the name.
They don't know how speechless they make me and how grateful they make me and how much i want to show gratitude in return and how much i will keep showing gratitude and how much i will show larger measures of gratitude in the near future and there is loads more that they don't know about "the gravity of my gratitude" but they love me regardless because their love was "love for real"
It is different; it is special; a rare breed of love.

So just after the discord talk show that night, i was going to trip the hearts of many more and i began concluding on going to Cebu, to the @steemsummit event.

"It was about "trips" for me in this case". 

I didn't want my tiny presence there to be "just another memory"; i wanted to pierce their hearts soothingly and have tiny stake in it

I wanted  them to see me and keep on true steemians as result and celebrities forever; "the awesomest version of human". I wanted my tiny presence to dent incessant testimonies in their hearts that "dreams are now equaller to reality" because "there is now light in the tunnel". I wanted to be physical testimony that i will "breakdown" ever-constantly on behalf of each of them for better or worse. I wanted them to have a "rarer kind of smile"; one that wells their hearts, heals it and reminds them of the beauty of life and of the Creator Jehovah, who bore us forth. I wanted to re-tell them of their own beauty and make my tiny presence there, further highlight to the fact that they are "true celebrities"; "icons" because i am their fan and i was there.

We needs these things on "steemit" to drive us; bigger things than "rewards"; love in its true sense; "brotherhood in its true sense". This is what i represent.

Ultimately, i was going to set up a surprise and this is how it played out: 

Saturday morning, ofcourse there was no sleep like usual. We spoke on the discord till early Saturday morning and the @steemitsummit day was Sunday.

So, later on Saturday, i went to look for how to get air-tickets. It was just a day before my intended departure; infact hours. As, i wasn't going to find cheap tickets online, i decided to go to the mall to see if i can get it slightly cheaper at at agency. 

That wasn't the case though. It turned out also expensive. My plan was to just appear at Cebu for a few hours at the summit, stay up/hangout all night in Cebu and return to Manila in the morning, to try take my dad to his first appointment at the mental hospital since he arrived here but i was having only cash (on me) at the mall and the only ticket price that my cash could pay for, had to be "a late night departure flight on Monday". I ended up buying it.

@sunnylife knew i was at the mall and that i was coming to Cebu. Ofcourse, she loves me and she sent me some 50 SBD to my steemit wallet as allowance.
No worries, i have ended up moving my dad's hospital visit to the coming Monday.

Cebu was hectic but not because of Cebu. I have extreme 24/7 pains (brain/nerves issues etc), so things aren't really easy for me. I get miserable! 

Hahaha, but the surprise package had to go on. I was going to play along till the end. 

Flight was delayed, so i got to Cebu quite late. The @steemsummit was to end at 7 pm, so i felt okay with the delays. 

Hahaha, some of the attendees, where hoping i would be there and were sending me update pictures on Facebook messenger. Oblivious to them, they were keeping me abreast with proceedings there without my asking and helping me keep my surprise package intact.
Hahaha, @ligaryk was sending me dem pictures and he missed me. Infact, most of the people who passionately invited me to the event etc, missed out on seeing me.
It saddened me but we will work on that.

Then, when my video came up at the event, they sent me messages thanking me for the video and gosh, they even made "my video" sufficient for them, since they realized i wouldn't be coming.. I heard of how much people loved paying attention to it and how specially they regarded it. 

I got photos as well of the audience as my video was being played. 

Look at this by @ryancalaunan:

And wait to the end to listen to the claps. The claps did me happiness in my heart!

Then something struck me and i was right! After, i got knowledge that my video was played and all, i instantly got a gut feeling that the event, just may not end at 7pm as they had planned; that people may end up going home early and gosh i was right! 

At the time, i already started the quick journey from Lapu Lapu to Cebu city and i had low battery and all but i had to try to make sure that the surprise package didn't utterly fail and hahaha, i was under pressure, hastening the driver. 

While in the ride, i had learn that the event indeed ended early and many had gone home, so i quickly told @ligaryk to help me pass message across to those remaining at the venue, that they should please hang on at the venue as i was sending someone on my behalf and the person has arrived Cebu airport and was on the way to the venue.

Aww they waited and you know what, several self-sacrificingly came back to the venue.

I will have to do a follow-up post on this. Gosh, they loved me! They overwhelmed me really. 

Speaking of dreams, gosh, some had had dreams of meeting me, so my going there did more than "trips", for several or many dreams came true. "I am so grateful that you all give me this privilege".

And gosh, many were a bit sad too because they so so so wanted to meet me and they had left the venue early. I got so many DMs to this effect all night and i know how much i want to compensate for this. I believe in possibilities and i tell you, "there will be many "next times""
Like i told them, don't be shocked if i say, "let's go hangout in Paris". If it's not "the moon", it's attainable!

I left pieces of me at Cebu Philippines. They had all-along reserved spaces in their hearts for me and they let me touch these spaces

They were my celebrities but they let me be their celebrity. 

I got in the room (ASPACE centre cebu city) and magic happened! Gosh, they knew my name. How special? 

Thank you precious steemians.
They allowed themselves to fall for me and i fell for them.

They took pictures one by one and gosh; "they relegated all reservations; flaws allowed". I held them close and they let the vibes flow. I felt their bodies and there were valuable vibes. It transcends the superficial. Nothing mattered, just human and love; "just us!" 

They shared me gifts and gave me a round/square table and they let me sit at the very edge to give me a sermon. 

They put me in a comfort zone because they loved me and these let celebrities let their fan give the sermon.

Beautiful disruption

I will have to do another post to speak about the event proper and touch on what i discussed for the benefit of all.

They made me sign autographs and gosh, i will talk about that in a follow-up post. 

One wanted me to write my name on his work: "Terry Ajayi" and gosh, if you only know how much this name means to me, when it is called; when it is remembered.
The girls took care of me and the boys didn't diss me. They let me because these boys loved me too!

Afterall, we ate and took more pictures and i spoke some more and someone wanted to record that too. "My words" are broken pieces of me, so when you give it that much value, you touch me. 

Then, they took care of me some more. Took me drinking and talking some more almost all night. I will see if there was any photos of those in a follow-up post.

Hahaha, the next day, i couldn't function well. I was drained, so i couldn't have much activity. I just waited it out at the hotel till evening, then went to an area near the airport to hangout. 

Many more steemians wanted to meet me there but i struggled with the day, so i couldn't get to respond to some on time and some got stuck in traffic and couldn't meet up but some did all it took and the moment i walked into the airport, while i thought i will have to time to rush to the bathroom to freshen up a bit; i had steemians following me, to meet me! 


@bellatravelph came from Manila; arrived Cebu at 6pm and waited at the airport till 8pm for me to arrive there. My flight was 10 pm. 

And there were 3 more steemians (because there was baby) and it was all special. 

@roselyn028 and her darling blessed baby

@jenny018 visited as well even though, she was on her way to work that night.

I hadn't even checked in but we sat and spoke till almost 9.30pm, then we realized i would get late and off i went to end the physical adventur, only to keep replaying it in my mind forever and as i write this post.

I haven't had many pictures and gosh, not even with my mum because i hardly had pictures and when i was grown or the years before my mum passed, i wasn't located with her. Now, i have many awesome pictures and these things are giant. 

I am touched; i am touched.
I am grateful steemit. I am grateful steemians.
I am grateful Cebu. 
I am yours

Your Boy Terry


Please pass this on to every steemian and every steemian in Cebu, Philippines or mention them in the comments and to all the other provinces around the Philippines and other nations, i am visiting soon. Don't be surprised. We surpassing google with steemit, so don't be surprised.

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