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If You Know How To Spot Signs, Then You Will See And Foresee The True Expanse Of Steemit's Beauty. "Steemit Is Beautiful".


last yearBusy9 min read

Please start by looking at the video just below, from start to finish. If you want to catch a glimpse of me; it's towards the end of the video. Overall, i would you like to process this particular video differently. 

Try using this very short video clip, to grasp the full expanse of steem's beauty. 

Now i tell you, grasping the full beauty of steem is not an easy task because it requires the "mind's eye"

Use the mind's eye when you seeing the video, then see "steemit" in the full expanse of its beauty; for "steemit is beautiful".

Note; this video depicts only a part of the world. Not the rich part. Not the best part; but all that matters less.

video is a creation of @steemsummit

Steemians are easily growing into "a glow" and it is no coincidence. There is a paradigm in this "steem" that incentivizes "incessant mind-mining" and unknown to us, we are "shining"

Our "inside" is starting to show.

"I am not here to sell steemit or anything". To quickly show you that; please read each of these three posts written more than a year ago:

I can simply see! "It's glaring; "the colors"; the brightness". True steemians exist and they simply are steemians. They love it. 

I won't tell you what to see; i will let you see it! Thus, when you are free and after digesting this post, look at the above video again.

Hahaha, there have been way more things to look forward to, "since steemit" began and way more things to look forward to "since steemit". This is no coincidence!

See, even if you found the @Macrohard decentralized social platform today via a "steemit post"; then steemit led you there. If you found the @teardrops cryptocurrency token in another "steemit post" and it ended up becoming 1000 USD worth and made you rich; steemit led you there

It's not all rosey here but really, does it have to be? Really?

And has steemit not evolved; improved; been enhanced etc since its inception? Do you know the answers to that or are you concluding hastily because that's a more convenient route? 

Do you know how steemit was some 2 years ago? Do you know? 

Do you know how much better steemit is now, than use to be the case? Do you really know? 

Or are you seeing the dot and leaving out the entire whiteboard?

Then, what if steemit has flaws? Will the new tech you have found, suddenly not have flaws or won't it host people too and are humans flawless? 

Is "mere dust" flawless?

For steemit to remain as addictive as it is; as beautiful as it is; "it needs flaws"

Dirt is good; "ask Mr soap master". 

At the steemit summit event, we had a short conversation but we covered alot. A whole lot! 

"Mine the human into its awesomest version", then even tech can be reshaped; even the entire internet but like i say about the world, "we can't change it, we can only adjust it and adjusting it requires a curriculum, pacing, time etc It can't be abrupt, for abrupt can explode".
"It is the testimonial harder route for me!" Well, that's the route i usually tend to take.

A major reason i went to the steemsummit meetup is "the state of the steemit community". "To unshaken to some of its shakiness".

You may catch a glimpse of the discussion here:

Some of the context is missing because much of the video, were clips and highlights but please pay attention to it as it is. Look out for the laughs that ensued. Pay attention to where the laughter stemmed from. Pay attention to our flaws but sift these flaws for good in it. Pay attention to the true state of the steemit community (as flawed as you may have ever felt steemit is) and open your eyes just a bit more and see. 
Then, foresee!

Whether it is cents or millions, steemit has done so much good. Whether cents or millions; it has led us places. Whether cents or millions, it has helped us grow.

A "janitor janitor" is different from "steemit janitor", for while one is constantly cleaning daily, the other is cleaning while "incessantly mining with his mind" and beginning to the understand the concept; "dirt is good; ask the soap master".

When i first joined steemit, my very first steemit community and channel on steemit.chat was called "steemitisbeautiful". It still exists till date. 

I have not been there in a very long time but "steemit will always be beautiful to me" because it was there for me and it kickstarted several of my dreams. It was in my story and it stuck there and like in real life, it doesn't matter if i marry you today, people who were there and have stuck in my story/stories; i can't just forget them and throw them away because i found you. 

You will have to know about them and love them too because, they are part of me too. While you are wifey, they constitute part of me. 

Well, this is the case in my case because my stories are complex and intense and it is not easy to be in them and stick on around. It doesn't have to be your case because we have different stories but i tell you, if you have been in my kind of stories and you stuck, i will love you like crazy. 

Steemit was part of my story and it has stuck. It allowed me to play on it, evolve on it; rehearse my dreams on it; create my dreams on it; led me places; gave cents and millions because i grew; then gosh, it made me meet you; the many you(s) that have chosen to love me.

It was timely too. It came when time wasn't on my side. When "the world" as it was, constituted "an odd" and it created "a fresh world"; one with "steemians"

The night at Cebu didn't end very quickly. Alot of other tiny things happened that night touched me and re-inspired me. 

Signs. I know of signs, so i spot them

Something has gone on my case, even in my steemit journey and with finding steemit and with my mind's eyes, i so-so-so see these things; making "steemit" all the most special to me.

Look at this

Someone in the past; someone who hasn't met me etc took his time, sat down for hours and drew out my entire dream. That drawing unknown to him represented my entire definition, from "surpassinggoogle down to teardrops:

He is a steemian!!!

Recently, someone hasn't been able to be physically present with me, to be able to share a selfie memory with me etc but this person down for hours; hundreds of miles away and crafted out our selfie:

She is a steemian!!!

If you are very conversant with my blogs, you will notice this original quote: 

Take a pen, rehearse and hone your signature for soon, you will be signing autographs. 

I arrived Cebu that night and people who were gathered in room, came to me and so heartily want me to sign autographs. I have rehearsed my signature so many times but not with marker pens, so i was slow throughout the signing but alot of beautiful things played in my head as i signed each.

These people were steemians!!!


Signs. I know of signs, so i spot them

My mission on steemit is not a joke and these are a few signs but i tell you, there are so many signs. 

Like i said in a portion of the video just above, seated at the edge of the table, to all the dear steemians there and steemians in every nook and cranny of Mama Earth; "success is ours".

Yes, my mum died and popsy is sick but even these, i use as signs, that i must stick around for us and my mission must stand firm, unshaken, deeply-rooted.

Basically, i will keep on "YOUR BOY terry"

I tell you one more giant time:

Steemit is beautiful

Say it with me:

Steemit is ......................

Your Boy Terry


See you in the comments below


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