Steem Is Uncensored? I Talk About My Mama, In An "UNCENSORED WAY"; And I Blockchain It; Forever!


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NB: Please start out by listening the song below, as you read the post for, you are about to begin a journey! (My formatting got crappy, because my editor disappeared!)

(VIDEO CREDIT: Boyz 2 Men)

What? You don't love your mum? Shut up! Who are you, not to?
She takes drugs, so? But at least, she remembered to conceive of you; so shut up a bit.

Do you know what labor pains mean?
Deem it fit, just once, to go ask your mum how labor-painful it was, when she bore you and see, if she won't cry mixed tears, from memories of it: one for the precious memory of holding your pretty being, in her hands and the other for the pains.
And if you are the first child, she will cry even more as she recalls; for the pain that bore you, was 'hot pains'.

"Wake up, and go love that woman!"

If you only knew, how much she has bore your arrogance....etc in silence; how many times, she has let you win arguments and gone to the room, to give way to mountainous tears; how much she has covered up for you and bore whole-days of guilt; how much she has so wished you gave her gifts, tho she has kept appearing to you; like she is needless.

She isn't only made up of wishes. she is an all; an all!

If you think otherwise, shut that mind of yours up, that tends towards thinking it.
If i wasn't at work and had further time to brainstorm, i would have shuued you up even more; till my voice ringtones in your head!

Who is that chick; that she should take you away from your mama; make you forget her or diss her in your thoughts. "Who is that chick?"
In how many of your stories has she been in; that you will trade YOUR MAMA for her; so easily?

"If you bought 18 karat for her, you better keep 167 karat somewhere; for your mama!"

(Back to Mamas):

Who said she doesn't want a shopping spree in Paris. oh; cos she isn't resounding it, in your pretty ears? Go read her silent diary or her fantasy wishlist!
or forget that; try this: take her passport and put Schengen on it, PLUS have a helicopter pick her up, if she won't cry tears of joy! She speechlessly wants it so bad!

You have a brain powerful than super computers; use it!

"Go out there, where your mates are, get the goodies and donate it all to her."

If you can't get it for her just yet; intend it; dream it; speak your noble intentions; let her know, 'her spot in your thoughts, is deep-rooted incessantly'!

If you console yourself with being simple; keep on being simple, buy that tricycle for yourself, but get your mum Beyonce's massager.

"You don't want skyscrapers, go out there, get it and give it to your mum".
(on the side; who said you are being simple; you are being nuts. a Rolls-Royce with its plain design; i.e simple!)

Who said she doesn't want to show off what her son bought her, to her peers?
Who said she doesn't want to be prouder of you; ofcourse, she is forever proud of you; but who is saying, she doesn't want to be prouder of you; cry tears of joy created by you?

"Dig her bag better! yes; she hid it from you, out of extreme love for you but out-dig that bag; and a decade of her wishlist; you shall find!"

Read her diary and you will see of 'dreams'. She was on her way to 'a megamillion-dollar deal'; but she found you and bore YOU instead and she shut her mouth; all the way up, like nothing happened!
She loves you like crazy; must she tell you? yet, she tells you like crazy!

She didn't have a dime? She will put her shame aside and sought after it, to leave it your shirt pocket. Oh, it was magic? Shut up; all the way up!

Tadpole crap; if you grow all the way up and feel it isn't your responsibility to pamper this woman cos you met another woman months ago.
(a truly loving chick, will spank you; to go love your mama).

What's sex? I will stay virgin; else love my mum like crazy; spoil her to some more loving as she ages and wrinkles; to fade my 'haunted story', that already arises from thoughts of; 'when she'll have to part from earth and me!

Boyz 2 Men, i hail! "loving her, is like food to our souls"

She'll cover your face; your shame and have papa scream at her. oh papa, i love you too like crazy!
mama and papa, let's not even go there! These two; are everything!

I want to pause now, cos if i start to talk; it may get too much for you to bear.

"Love your mum deeply and mean it like crazy!"

Let this tiny masterpiece, out of this box or screen and out into the skies.
Resteem and share the crap out of it!

"Mamas deserve this; papas too but this goes out to our mamas."

I; Terry; I blockchain it forever!
and ever:

"i love my mum like crazy"

YOUR BOY terry


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