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Task Request (via Utopian.io): Kindly Help Us Add The TEARDROPS Wallet Functionality To Ulogs.org Wallet. (Additional Bounty Of 50 Steem)


3 months agoBusy3 min read



Ulogs.org blockchain-based social network where everyone can create ULOGS, become "true celebrity" (ULOGGERS), have a community of  "true fans" and earn a variety of rewards and the currency called "steem". 
It is a fork of busy.org as well. Thus, being familiar with the busy.org helps.  


We want to begin integrating the teardrops tokens into the ulogs.org UI like was recently done on https://steemgigs.org as seen in the images below:

Though SMT isn't ready yet, we are beginning to create some utility for our token now and note that the teardrops token will be used across three steem-based interfaces namely, steemgigs.org, ulogs.org and macrohard.pro

We have done a basic integration of the teardrops wallet on steemgigs.org as shown earlier and we want to replicate something similar on ulogs.org

The current ulogs.org has a functional steem and SBD wallet, we simply want to conjunct 'TEARDROPS'. Every other aspect of the current wallet-style maintained, we would like our ulogs.org wallet to now include the ability to display TEARDROPS 'transactions' and possess the TEARDROPS 'transfer' function.

Currently the wallet on ulogs.org looks like this:

We now want it to look something like this:

With the transaction area capable of showing all TEARDROPS transactions as well.

Now the 'transfer' button should lead to portal like this:

Notice that we just expanded the area to accommodate one more item on the list of tokens.

Then, the 'power up' button should now lead to something like this:

Notice from the screenshot above, that we simple added 'a text' that says: 

'Note: You will soon be able to power up TEARDROPS too. Get some TEARDROPS here'.

To conclude, please note that the integration of a functional TEARDROPS wallet to ulogs.org is a custom JSON function and isn't too complex as was evident in the recent additional of the TEARDROPS wallet to steemgigs.org

The TEARDROPS 'transfer' functionality will make use of the existing steemconnect capability already present on ulogs.org


You can analyze the recent 'TEARDROPS wallet' addition to steemgigs.org as seen here to gain some insight into the complexity of the task.

If you are a veteran coder and especially, versed with React JS and UX, you can certainly carry out your own build as the task request specification is mostly a guide.

If you aren't very versed with coding and you want to attempt the task, we can always discuss possible solutions, logic etc We just may find answers!

Overall, carry out the task according to your preference and expertise, submitting a pull request and thereafter a post, following Utopian's guidelines for Development (contributions).  


This task has an additional bounty of "50 Steem"

Please do well to also publish a 'development post' via utopian-io, after we have merged your PR for possible curation from the utopian.io team


3 days


You can contact me on:       

You can also indicate interest by leaving a comment underneath this post or on Github. 
It is recommended that we are able to discuss, for a better understanding of the task.




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