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Ulog - I Am Trying Again. I Got A Chair With A Hole, I Hope It Helps.


3 months agoSteemit4 min read

Today, I got a chair and this particular chair is 'my luxury chair' (at the moment) or so i hope. I am sitting on it right now and deep down in my heart, 'i hope it helps me heal even just a bit'. 

I am crashing too too too fast and now the case is different. I have my innocent dad with me who can't even see and i no longer have health (just 247 pains) and i am so function-less. 

I got up again and tried. I had a furniture maker do a small chair, one with a hole. 

I can't even sit. All i do (all i have done for years now) is wake up, put on the PC, be in front of it endlessly (without productivity) and do 247 excruciating pains (all body long) per minute. No outlet too! The years of drain, uses my brain up so recklessly; SO RECKLESSLY that my body's formation has changed drastically. 

I am on so much speed and that is default. I just open tabs upon tabs and do nothing and there is tons to do. 

I won't lie, i need so much help but i can't ask not because i don't want to, but because the 'kind of help' that will fix me, will have had to persistently seek me. 

It will have needed to dig dig dig, for i am too 'in the rubble'. I am extremely positive though (my arm is outstretched) but mute because when i talk, its 'talking dead'.

Altogether, i don't stop. Well, i can't now because my dad crashes too and so so so fast. 

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