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While Many Passionately Pursue Moolah, We Own The Banks. See How You Can Own Your Very Own Bank Today.


2 years agoSteemit11 min read

Is it true that everyone has something to offer?

Well, it is just so so so impossible that you have nothing to offer.

It is just like tell me that i am not CEO, when at the very least i can tell Bingo to lay down and it will loving do as told or Blackie to meow at my impostor and it will heartily meow & spit.

The world has a different language though and perhaps, "life" too as in truth, there isn't very much partiality and so much cheating and inequality but well, that's life and "life is something else".

But the world is adjusting!

Blockchain helps matters very much. Among other things, it was build as a tool to bring about a measure of equality. One major way it accomplishes this is by putting information in your hands 

They call it transparency! Basically, this instantly restores/redistributes some of your lost value back to you. Gives you more room to shine!

Blockchain removes third parties basically, making you more "the determinant of your own value". Value re-distribution. 

The truth is not a soul is more valuabler than you because whatever more value they appear to have than you, there were given and "measure of value" is can be very subjective and can be influenced.

In many cases, these people who appear "more valuable" simply have more information than you. In some cases, the case is; "they have more information about you, than you have about them". "The third parties!".

e.g governments, companies etc have control over us because, they have more information about us, than we have about them. They appear eliter, nobler and even valuabler than you and ofcourse leaders, but how much do we really know about them? (That's part of where they have come to have an edge)

On an immutable public ledger holding everyone's information, accessible to everyone, it instantly becomes very different! You will notice that a measure of equality start to hold sway.

You are valuable. You have something to offer!

Google can influence your decision-making, thus, have huger influence over you than you have over them because they may have gathered more information about us, than we even know of ourselves, while on the otherhand we know almost nilch about them. 

Our very substance is in our tiniest elements, those that we tend to emit impromptuly in our daily simple actions e.g surfing the web at the comfort of our homes etc Thus, don't be surprised that they may have come to know us, even more than we know ourselves and this is where most of their value comes from!

So it was never about whether you have value or whether you have something to offer; for everyone does have something to offer! 

However, it is very possible that you may feel tied! When your "odds" is an entire mountain, an entire nation and your very self, then it is very possible to feel tied and become a box that's harder to unbox. 

It was never about the lack of gifts to offer, for your box was always filled goodies. 
You are filled with awesomeness and there is just no doubt about that!

as for feeling tied, it gets better with blockchain!

The steem blockchain is even more intriguing because it empowers you even more. Than any blockchain out there, it holds a community of reputable great minds, so much that every transaction inserted into its block (information, posts, comments etc) redistributes and restores some of your lost value back to you!

"Everyone has something to offer" now holds more water!

It gives you red carpets and lays out mirrors all around you, so that you can be told and re-told of your own beauty or so that you can easily spot when your apparel has blemish etc Celebrity!!!

Hahaha you now even have spectators!

Then It Gives You A Dream Factory And Your Own De-Central Bank

Hahaha, are so King/Queen now?

We now have access to more INTEL but beyond that, we have an entire arsenal for greatness (immense value)

While people seek money passionately, to raise capital to start up their companies, businesses, enterprises etc, we were given an entire bank. 

We own the bank!

Seriously, what does a bank do that your steem wallet can't do? Hahaha, your steem wallet does more! Efficiently, you can send money and receive money and hold money and vest money and accrue interest on your vested money (steem power) and you can do all this fast and free. 

With your vested money, you can have more influence, redistribute or allocate funds, delegates tasks, tend to payrolls.

You can even give out loans and accrue investors and pay them dividend. You can exchange one currency for another. You can do escrow services. 

Plus, there are no queues! (Steem transacts in 3 seconds) 

For accounting, you have an open immutable public ledger and bots and humans.

You while people are looking for money, we own the banks!

Human Capital

While "some" seek out a team of like-minded people to run an enterprise, company, businesses etc, "some" over the course of years of adventure and travel and "some" paying outsourcing capital to recruiting firms etc to seek out the best talents; we have a rendezvous of the greatest reputable talents here on steemit for free, many of whom are single and searching.

No-where online will you see such gifts! You are so celeb now!

Imagine, @utopian-io would even pay people to set your company/project up. Steemians would do posts to crowdfund your dreams etc

What else do you need?

Traffic And Automation (Speed & Efficiency)

Upon years of analyzing ways to break bank (in good, testimonial ways), i broke things down to "traffic" and some automation. According to me, if you have access to or a directory of the masses and you can automate the process of the reaching them (speed) and can make distribution of funds as easy as an SMS or the click of a button, then even the quality of your innovation idea becomes negligible.

You can get paid for doing nothing, everytime!

People pay millions for ADs simply to reach traffic and another millions to automate the process of marketing or up-selling. Companies e.g insurance etc spend like 50 USD per click (click doesn't mean sale), i.e they can have an AD budget of say 5 million per year etc. Internet marketers spend years and capital building email lists and additional capital for automation etc

 You have a large and free audience (growing masses of steemians and organic audience from the search engines by virtue of quality SEO from steemit posts), a ledger and a fast secure bank, what more can you want?  

Steemit gives you free audience plus google organic ranking. Companies can easily buy steem power and save on AD capital (note, your steem power is yours and rises in value on its own as it accrues interest). Now, your steem power can get your business post in the eyes of thousands each time and millions more as the masses flock onto steemit and if you have real influence, customers each time. If a company, wants to make more expansive use of their steem power influence, they can build a version of their app or company's website on the steem blockchain and use their same steem power as influence to incentivize the use of their interface and like steemit attain organic traffic by incentivizing bloggers to write about them

With SMTs next year, the whole process becomes more fun as companies will be able to get more media and add more branding by means of their steem token. What more, the entire fuel for this grows in value as steem power is simply vested steem and grows in monetary value with the price of steem. I tell you, you get all this pampering cheaper than free!

The world will awaken soon! 

The masses are coming. The whitewalkers aren't!

You are here on steemit now! You have an edge but it is you who will have to make it a valuable edge! You will need to open your eyes and see and do more than just look. "Foresight!"

When the masses come, all the companies and businesses and media will be here. You are here now! 

There is so much time now, to build your influence before the masses arrive. Those who can see, having been foreseeing things and doing just this and these are the true whales; whales or minnows!

What i mean by real influence: "i mean substance, your own value as a person beyond just amassed steem power" and this is the maximum edge because the world still lacks it. 

Now combine real influence with reputation and steem power and this is immensely valuable.

Grow your influence, reputation and substance and when the masses arrive, your have your business boom. In the meantime, refine and fully evolve your whitepapers, grow in your substance and value on a personal level through learning and the "school of life" steemit poses, then have a roadmap. Don't jump this step in a haste!

Don't pursue money, quick SBDs etc, own the bank! 
Overall, there is a difference between a Mohammed Ali and a May Weather, though their both boxers and even May Weather and you and i knows this!

Steemgigs: "Everyone has something to offer"

Join us in the community here!

If the creator has said, go forth and subdue the Earth and have in subjection all the living things, for i have made you in my image and likeness. That is the ultimatest weightiest stamp of value.

You are so valuable!

To Empower Someone Today, Please Visit this post below and let's not let today emptily slip; let's create awesomeness!

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Before now, i can get to most comments very easily because upon clicking on the "replies", each reply loads up on its standalone thread but that has been different for sometime now! 

Courtesy of you, my comment-section is become a haven and like a hub for some of the deepest finest comments on planet steem. Please help keep this up! It is sweet, human, untalented and the masses are coming! Stay awesome! Shine!
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If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful, especially in terms of giving me the direly needed extra drive & strength. Overall, there is no doubt, that i have been here on steemit, proven, solid and i will keep on being here! Steemit is in my books and my heart has a soft spot for it and this will keep on because upon it, i kept my legacies and even my sad stories and most utmostly, i get to have awesome YOU. 

For humans and steemians, i am all in, for you all

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"Everyone has something to offer!"


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