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While Novice, I Used The Introduceyourself Tag Without Introducing Myself. Forgive me! This Is My Introduction!


3 years ago5 min read

Hahaha, how are you all dear steemit family?

I am terry and new on steemit. I would say like '1 week old' but with '3 days of activity'.

I would quickly want to apologize for having to use the introduceyourself tag one more time, for due to being a bit novice, i think i used it in a post in the near past, without knowing it could flag me.

This is my introduction! Do permit me, to introduce myself.

I am you boy terry and a lot was involved in how i got upon here but i am here! I don't know, i found myself using the word 'upon' more often instead of 'on', ever since i got on steemit. I don't know if that counts for anything but perhaps it does as what steemit constitutes for me right now is ginormous.

 I perched upon it and found a home. 

Steemit is untoldly more than a page or social network where you can air your thoughts; for me! 

I sit upon one chair every weekday night; without being tied; without bars and i haven't yet got up, i haven't yet left, i haven't yet walked away!

Well my job is a call centre: (i describe these types of jobs as 'the height of slavery'. Hahaha you even get paid to sit on that chair, be endlessly a pawn in an anonymous person's dream; be stolen from your very self, for the price of peanuts).

I don't get any real fulfillment doing it. My being; my brain wants to do something. I want to fix humanity somehow. I have the ability. I have been given gifts. I want to be put to use for the sake of adding to humanity's happiness. I want to give out 'tears of joy'.

Overall , i carry my dream and my dad's and this is very very very heavy. 

Steemit has helped! "Somewhere where i can get to have a feel of 'my ideas in fruition'; where i can keep my dreams alive in dream-bits".

You know; where i am from, you have to improvise a lot! In these places; to dream, you will need to dare very hard and against you; will be 'you', 'an entire nation' and basically everything. Even the internet will tell you to scram off for being from these places.

Thus, to keep your dreams alive, you'll have to pamper dem dreams in dream-bits till they happen!

In these places; no inspiration, no hugs, no pillows, no surprises, no goodnews, no nothing! 

Even 'free air', is 'two gasps for one gulp'.

Overall though, i am very positive, strong. I exude power and i aim to empower you. Re-tell you that you are everything; you are the very best.

We are genius! 

I am glad to find a new school on the internet as the internet's starting to get boring. 

Steemit enlivens it.

It implores us to study again; it amazes you with 'a span of amazing minds'; it overwhelms you a bit, then gradually fixes you as you start to learn again. 'A new language!' 

Overall, it gives you the feeling that humanity still exists on today's internet. Yes, it's model is meant to accomplish a measure of privacy but you still feel the very presence of the humans upon here as their minds speak and you get to see it!

I just learnt how to upload pictures upon here, thus, i will place pictures right here to complete my introduction and some of these pictures will contain down-to-earth words that constitute me. 

Be pleased to meet me!

Yours terry

I have to apologize as many of the pictures with my original quotes, that i intended to upload here didn't successfully get uploaded to Google photos upon getting to work, thus, hopefully i will upload them in another post or if there is still an opportunity to edit this post later, i will upload them on here as well.

In case, you haven't figured out how to upload photos on here yet, Google photos really worked! Just upload them on there, then for each photo you want to upload on here, right-click and copy its image location. Click on the 'image icon' here on the 'steemit editor' and put in the copied image location link and your picture will be live on steemit.

HEY, i found this one picture tied to one of my other posts here. Hahaha, the image portion on that post stayed blank as I just couldn't figure out how to upload pictures into my posts at the time:

In a kid's mind are many colors! What happened to adults?



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