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Failing to change the course of the world


3 months agoBusy4 min read

I treasure this image and I assume it is a rare moment caught. This is the first time my daughter ever held my hand and the moment she stopped crying. If only life was so easy.

When my daughter was born there were several complications that we as a family still face the challenges of, things outside of our control but will likely affect forever. The room was filled with doctors and nurses and was a flurry of action. I remember it all, I am glad my wife does not.

Life is always lived in the unexpected, no matter the plannning, no matter how many times one's plans turn out as expected. Chance is always a factor, certainty never an option. If in a slightly different time of history, my wife would have died in that room having never seen her daughter and my daughter, never getting to know her mother. How many times in the history of the human world has this scenario played out, it is impossible to know.

We tend to listen to nonsense statements like "a child needs their father" and forget that children have been raised without a father millions upon millions of times and here we are, still advancing through life and leaving more history in our wake. We confuse ideals for needs.

And even our ideals poorly thought out and biased opinions constructed on the flimsiest of reasoning - and coloured by our limited and usually narrow experience and understanding of the world in which we live and claim to care for. Everyone wants a better existence yet, how many understand what that actually requires or, are willing to work toward it. Too few.

Look at people who argue against global warming citing likely biased studies. What does it matter? All we need to know is that humans can only survive in a narrow band of conditions on this earth and those conditions are changing, deal with the problem at hand. But, that requires action, it is easier to tweet about nonsense than learn about and act on what actually needs to be done.

The same attitude exists here of course, people want ideals that favour themselves without recognising the ecosystem as a whole, both on and off the platform. They want an economy that works yet have not realised that up until this point, there has never been an economy that works because of their had, we wouldn't be where we are today. One can cite a working economy in a tiny microcosm but, it has to scale to include all factors which means, all people on earth and the changing environment.

Good luck.

Every day we fail to provide a perfect solution to anything we have ever tried to solve because, things are always going to change and enough change will always change the suitability of the solution itself. This is why adaption is the only way forward, changing the actions as new knowledge and circumstances come to light.

People want to go back in time without factoring the negatives of that time. 50 years ago my wife would likely have died on that table, better times? We are not able to know or hold all information at the same time and therefore, we create conflicts in time and space, actions that have consequences on components that were left unconsidered. But in that moment, we think we are doing right, doing well, doing the best we can, doing what we must.

We do a lot and every action we make has an effect on the course of the world. We fail often to improve, we always fail to create perfection.

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