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Actifit Needs To Be A Top 20 Witness


4 months agoBusy3 min read

This morning @actifit put out its daily post. There was an interesting piece in there that captured my attention.

It appears that the Actifit is now ranked #28, on the Witness list. This puts in within striking distance of the Top 20.

So why should anyone vote for Actifit as a Witness?

My view is the team behind this application, especially @mcfarhat, epitomizes the spirit of Steem. He and the application are 100% committed to the Steem ecosystem and doing everything possible to helping this place grow. They are already one of the leading applications in terms of usage and looking to grow that exponentially over the next couple months. There is already a marketplace on the site which enables purchases using its native token (expanding the offerings available is in the works as I write these words).

We also got an announcement last week that Actifit is going to open up its own exchange to help decentralize things on Steem even more. This will help ensure the long term viability of different tokens in light of the regulatory environment we are presently in.

All this adds up to being worthy of inclusion in the Top 20. Many often ask what are some of the Witnesses doing to help Steem and, in Actifit's case, the answer is pretty self-explanatory. One does not have to look far to figure it out.

Of course, being a Witness means more than just being committed and passionate about Steem. If that was the case, many of us could do that.

It also requires the technical expertise to be able to run the blockchain. In Actifit's case, McFarhat is on the ball with this. Since the Witness server went live, not a block was missed. Also, there were a number of upgrades done over the last year to keep pace with the changing environment.

We know that it is difficult to enter the Top 20 without a Witness vote from a certain account. That said, while difficult, it is not impossible.

I think it would be helpful to Steem, overall, if an application like Actifit was in the Top 20. From what I saw over the last year with this group, it is hard to say they are not deserving.

Here is a post that was put up last fall that details, from their perspective, why they are worthy of a Witness vote.


Thus, I ask, if you have not used up all your Witness votes, and have space, add Actifit to those list.

It is a worthy vote in my opinion.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and resteem.




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