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My Dream pt.1 in writing


3 months ago2 min read

I had a slow start today, didn't want to let go of the bed. I was having a dream that I stayed in an apartment building on the first level, and when I look out of my window, I could see small boats that would turn into submarines and submerged. Then I would walk into another room that had a glass floor, as I look below, I could see an underwater city of submarines, fishes, and peoples, lights, and vegetation.

I was a little frightened and curious at the same time. To eat, all I had to do was open my door and catch a fish and pluck some seaweed, closed my door and go into the kitchen to prepare my meal. I didn't notice any other building or homes around me, so I was curious about where these peoples live whom I was able to see through my floor.

Any chance of me seeing people steering a boat when I look out of my windows was slim, for every time I would spot a boat it would change into a submarine and submerge. I only had electricity, so I assumed it must be run off of solar.

Where are the other tenants in this apartment building? I would ask myself, are their doors facing different directions to keep us from communicating with each other?, and the important question of all, how did I get here?.
by:@ teevmoore


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