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My Dream pt.2 in writing

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2 months ago3 min read

For the likes of me, I couldn't recall what happened yesterday or any other days before, where are my family or friends?, how many rooms are in this apartment, so I decided to investigate by starting with the rooms that were familiar to me. So I went into the room with a view to below, known to me as the glass floor.

As I stood in that room looking around noticing what was in there, there were all kinds of plants, and spices, vegetations, never noticed this before, this is a big room, looking down through the glass floor, I see submarines the size of vehicles going by, being in a daze for what seems like 39 minutes, I was startled by a hissing sound, immediately turning around and noticed the sound was water being sprayed onto all of the plants like a mist. I didn't notice. anything else in this room, so I decided to move on into the eating room.

So I went on into the kitchen, noticing how clean and shiny everything look, then a weird thought went through me, I didn't remember cleaning and preparing the fish and seaweed I caught outside my door. I noticed a refrigerator and electric stove, microwave and a table with two chairs the sink has three tubs, with a sprayer, there's a metal dish rack, and there's a dishwasher, plenty of counter space, on the towel rack is a beautiful set of dish towel with the glove and pot holder, but they look new, never used.

As I walk around the kitchen noticing all the cabinet space, but none large enough to hold a broom or mop. As I walk to the fridge, fearful of opening it for what I might find, I just stood there looking around, not knowing what was in all the cabinets, I don't remember cooking my meal or what I used to prepare it in. or the dish I use to set it upon.

So I decided to venture on, the next room I went into was a door leading into a bathroom, it was huge, there was a whirlpool tub and the shower was next to it unattached with a glass door, two toilets set up on its own landing with what seems to have toilet paper being dispensed out of the wall. There was a double vanity with its own medicine cabinets, two towel racks with beautiful towel set, there was a hanging basket filled with pine cones and a hanging fern plant, this bathroom is set up for two people I told myself, I noticed that when you sit on the toilet, then stand up, it flushes automatically, the marble vanities was large as well as the sinks. The floor was like a glazed ceramic stone, and as I took off my sandals to see how it felt, the floor was nice and warm, as if it was heated. I could hang out in here.
by:@ teevmoore


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