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UN(dis)TALENTED 02: A Wall For Le Sketches and Calligraphy <3


4 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hello beautiful people of Steemit and Ulog!
It's me, @tegoshei. :)

I created a new "Sketch and Calligraphy" board inside my room and it looks so much better than the usual bare and plain wooden cover.

As you may know, I'm a home-based online English tutor and I really need to have a very quiet room as much as possible. Because of this requirement, we covers the sole window of my room with a wooden board.

At first, I covered it with manila paper and placed my calligraphy or some writing on it. However, a couple months ago, I purchased an air conditioner as it's really difficult to stand the heat recently. I often had headache because of the hot, humid and unventilated room.

When we attached the air conditioner on that part of the room, I had to tear the manila paper and transfered the stuff I posted on it on my room door. lol

When the manila paper came off, it looks so bare and plain and it stayed that way until a couple days ago. I was just blankly looking at that wood one day and poof!!! an idea came.


I took out some of my re-imagined semi-realistic sketches as well as the new calligraphy I made the past days and posted it on the wooden board. Let's take a look at them closely.






Aahhh~ I am yet to find my motivation to sketch again. :) The last one in Japanese means "Do your best!" I guess there is no bare wall left in my room... SHould I start posting something on the ceiling as well? hahahaha

Anyway, I have to hit the sack now. I worked the night shift, so I need to recharge for my classes later tonight. :) Thanks a bunch for reading! じゃあね~!

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