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ULOG: Riding Weather May Finally Be Here!


2 months agoUlogs4 min read

Looks like riding weather has finally arrived! I had the day off and it was finally warm and sunny! I can't believe it! It's either been warm and rainy or cool, windy and sunny. Neither of which are conducive to motorcycle riding.

I read two forecasts for local weather. One said it would be sunny all weekend. The other said there would be a possibility of scattered showers throughout the weekend. I decided not to take any chances and did my annual fireworks runs for the year.

Just to give you an idea of what the weathers been like. I usually do this mid April, sometimes May. I consider this my warm up run for summer riding.

I rarely ride like this, but considering it was my first long ride in the sun this year I thought it might be a good idea to cover up so I didn't get burnt.


One of the first things I came across as I was leaving the city. I love old cars. Very nice old skool Dodge! The thing sounded really beefy!


We have this thing called the SkyWay. It's a really tall thruway that's like the height of a really tall building. Like skyscraper height. A long time ago someone thought this was a really cool idea. It really was, but they didn't take into consideration the wind, and terrible weather in the area. After God knows how long and a lot of terrible accidents, they decided to get rid of it. While they're knocking it down traffic for the route I was taking was getting diverted through this neighborhood right on the edge of the city. In the old days they stored grain in these towers behind the house, then they were distributed through the great lakes by ships... At least I think that's how it works. That what I was told. I feel bad for the people in this neighborhood though. Terrible traffic jam for months. Couldn't wait to get out of it.


The beach! The Dood doesn't really do the beach, but it was pretty cool seeing people out playing in the sun. The weather really has been that terrible. This is a beach club along the shores of Lake Erie. I wanted to stop in for a drink but that traffic jam really screwed me up. Took me over an hour to get out of the city!


A beach along the route I was taking. This is one of my favorite summer rides. I stopped here for a minute and snapped a quick photo. Great place to rest, and during the summer months it's much cooler by the water.


It was more about the journey than the destination but this was the final destination. Some fireworks for the Fourth Of July . I picked up some Fireworks in Pennsylvania, then drove around for a bit because they don't have a helmet law and I like to take my lid off from time to time. When I finished I headed back home.


The start of my fireworks for Fourth of July in a few weeks. I'll pick up some fountains locally. They set up stands a few days before the Fourth and it's legal to buy and sell them for like three days before the Fourth of July . I just figured I'd fill a backpack with some of the stuff I can't get locally ;)

Thanks for reading and wishing you all a great weekend. Cheers from a much warmer, sunnier Buffalo NY.

The Dood rides, The Dood Abides :)

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