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26% APR returns now available on Steem!


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

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There has been some hype recently about Tezos being the most profitable staking coin at around 7.3% per annum, but is it really?

At a blockchain level technically yes, in comparison Steem gives around 1.8% per annum currently as inflation interest on staked STEEM POWER, but in addition to this, Steem stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in a 2nd layer P2P delegation leasing marketplace, dlease.io which currently has orders pending offering up to 26.2% APR!

The average market APR is 20.91% and the market depth/availability is 104K STEEM POWER today.

I grabbed a few of these leases today and maxed out my delegations, by filling these leases you effectively get 26% + ~1.8% native interest making the returns a whopping ~27.8%, better than Tezos? I think so, but you decide!

Disclaimer: This does not constitute as financial advice, seek advice from a finance professional before investing to ensure this is right for you and your circumstance. If you have idle Steem Power doing nothing, why not?

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