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New Experience: Blogging


3 months agoSteemit3 min read

From the last two weeks, I am working on a new skill and this process makes me sleep again and again. But the guy like I am, once I decide to go for anything my mind becomes restless unless I finish that task. As a result of this effort, I am unable to post on steemit as well and my mind was pinging me again and again for doing this. So, I decided to write a post a steemit it so that I can turn off this trigger started by my mind.

I would not discuss in detail what I have shared above i.e. skill but I would like to share my plans for this year. I am thinking to start a blog as I see there is much potential in this part. Benefits are you get an activity, you interact with people, you share your experience, you get opinions. Writing a blog is going to be a new experience for you and I also want to see if this can be an earning source. About me, I am working as a freelancer from last 4-5 years and providing virtual assistance to different clients directly and on some platforms.
Blog 2.jpg
Coming back to the topic, I heard a lot about blogging when I was starting as a freelancer. But I decided to go as a freelancer for per hour or fixed pay budgets as one of my friends was already doing great in this. I still don't know any person who is making good money from blogs. When I say good money I mean at least 400 USD. Writing this post also has a purpose, which is, if I can get opinions from the experience of people who are already doing this.

I know this is tough or can be tough but this is not going to be impossible. Problem with me is that I am doing too many things in a day. I believe, when you start something new, you should pay proper attention to that plant so that it can grow like a tree and start giving you fruit. I am going to plan things for this so that I can see if I have what this skill takes or not.

blog 3.jpg
This is also a part of my plan i.e. Try New Experiences. I wrote this post in the past and you are welcome to take a bird's eye view if you are interested. Right now looking for your opinions and experiences so that I can stand way ahead and avoid the started mistakes which are obviously going to give me a head start. Please feel free to share your experience even stories, I would love to read, upvote and reply as this is going to help me a lot. Anything related to blogging, blogging on Wordpress, blogging with Wordpress, hosting for a blog, the personal domain is going to be best for blog, etc.


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