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X-ray of archetypal imprints


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

of an outcome of a solitary experiment inspired by various Surrealist techniques.

The Intent
was pure creativity and creation, giving in to psychic automatism and unconscious content of the mind, or perhaps something beneath.

The Medium
chosen was a watercolor painting.

The Method
encouragement by a shot of Carlsbad liquer and a glass of beer, celebrating the bohemian approach of a long gone masters. Next, using the said liquids to mix the watercolors.

And Proceeding
mixture of watercolors and alcohol was applied on a sheet of paper without having any particular refrence in mind, nor having any educated experience with painting as such. When a feeling of mild empty satisfaction started to occur, the brushes were left to rest, as an implication, that a part of work has been done.

The Paper
teared apart in some places, due to the excessive amount of liquid involved, soaking wet, folding unto itself. Nothing but all blank shades of uncertainty.

Giving In
the light of sudden inspiration. Took the paper and pinned it onto a polystyrene board, which then was lighted by a lamp from behind.

a picture of the lighted painting was the next step.

using filters and effects of the camera, a vision has started to take shape.

in a digital form. The original paper was discarded and does not exist anymore.

But there is something. Something was revealed. Do you see, what I see?

Question remained.


It may be just a random case of pareidolia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia), and the mind playing the old trick.

Or is it something metaphysical, a window of sorts, that allows the seer to reflect on realms hidden to the naked eye? Available, when one gives in and drops the guard of the mundane reality.


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