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The end of Partiko and me?


4 months agoActifit4 min read

Steem is the future?

How come I have more and more doubts about it?
Great if you have a desktop or laptop computer. Even greater if you have power so you can switch it on and a great connection.
These are all things essential if you like to join the modern world, be part of it.

I am a mobile blogger.

No, I do not have room for a desktop and a laptop is less practical if you lay in bed.

I also suffer from a slow connection and I am not the only one in this world. Many people do.

If my power is off I will survive.
My router is mobile, so is my phone and I can charge both with a power bank.

My biggest problem is to sign in, load content and post.

  • steemconnect is a problem
  • steemworld way too heavy to use, my phone even gets "frozen" at times.
  • videos a big NO
  • pictures I can see if I am lucky
  • sites with a lot of info, pictures, etc are hard to load.

Which app can I use?

  • First, there was Steepshot (they left without a word). It was an easy to use the app for posting photos.
  • Next, I changed to @partiko.
    I could sign in (there was no steemconnect), post if I kept trying and the notifications we're a great help.
    In the past 5 months Partiko did not answer 1 single question, the only update they gave was the buzz.break commercial, the gifts are no longer there. It all feels like @share2steem and @steepshot both hit the road although they had a lot of potentials.

Partiko its behaviour is not new.

If you are a partiko-point collecter it might be wise to start changing them. I did so at that time and will do it again.

Next, I will try to find a way to keep posting.
@Actifit is one way, it works as long as I do not insert an image.
@Appics is another option but generally speaking it needs a better connection as mine.

All the other apps let me sign in and that is it.
Even the steemit and palnet app are heavier to load as the site itself. That makes one think.

The blockchain, Steem, might be the future but they are clearly not ready for it. Might be it is too early (not everyone standing in a kitchen is a chef) or they all see the users as a great opportunity to make an income fast fast it is the next scam.

Today was my 4th day

Still sick as a dog. Have a look at my steps.
Where have I been?
At 4 am I let the dog out.
I have been in the kitchen twice the rest is bathroom.

All distances (bed to...) are about 33 steps.

It was the first time in 40 years I used a thermometer.
My normal body temperature still is 35.8 °C which means I do have a fever with 37.7 °C and I am not just sweating it out.

My neck is still painful, my heart beats, I have blood pressure so I am still alive. My only problem is eating and drinking so I am getting a bit dehydrated by now.

What did I eat today?

My son killed a melon I had some.
I had 4 slices of bacon (they were thin you could look through them, it was salty).
I had some tomato soup out of a can (it was terrible salty).
I tried to drink water about 1 liter instead of 3.

Did I lose some weight after 4 days being sick and all my @actifit days?
The answer is 300 gram (which means no if I drink 3 liters I even gained weight!)

You can freewrite with @mariannewest or change some of your Steem into Beer, see HERE.

175 cm
Body Fat


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