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Sneak a peak - My own design New STEEM Hoodie


9 days agoBusy2 min read


It's always STEEM Swag

I remember I got this idea because of watching @veganroma's video about how and why he wear Steem t-shirt all the time. He was one of the full-time content creator and he says, wearing Steem t-shirt, people always ask, what it is exactly. It's another way of #promo-steem, I believe.

I have my own Steem t-shirt I made my own, also DTube and DLive. I ended up purchasing DLive swag on their official store as well. It's way back then, even before the DLive made such a move.. Now, far gone.

Here are some of the STEEM Swags I own.

I have just re-watched these videos I made and to be honest, quite shy myself. I guess, Time changes, thought changes, style changes..

What the h#$% have I done

Anyways, it's almost Christmas!

I have been finding gifts for myself for this upcoming holidays.. I always do that. I love gifts. Gifts bought by me count too! Also, beside DLive hoodie, I don't think I have many that I love to wear no more so.. I think it's time.

I simply design my own with canva, and printful..

It will be printed on Champion Hoodie. I think it should be pretty decent. The front, I'm quite sure this would be it but on the back, still pretty indecisive. I was thinking gonna be something like meaning of 'Pad Thai' as you know, Way beyond that. Promote the platform and of course, my own brand at the same time.



Back.. Which one???


Let me know what you think!

Your opinion matters and I would need some help with the design on the back. I seriously has still been switching things around like a crazy person. Should it be more, should it be less..? What should be added on and what should be removed.

Do you have your own fav STEEM swag you wear?

Appics is having their swag on sale too 50% OFF with the promocode : BLACKFRIDAY and today Cyber Monday is the last day. If you want to check that out, >>> https://store.appics.com/ or if you prefer to make your own like I do, do share! :)




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