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Why I Am Not Looking At The Price Of Any Steem Coin For 3 Months


4 months agoSteemit3 min read

My plan is to not even consider the price of any of these new coins for the first 3 months or so and just make content and curate. And when I get any coin for any site that I am using I will be staking 100% of them right away. There are only so many people active at the start of a new site and you really want to be active at this stage. And with only so many coins in circulation your curation can really see rewards.

I will admit my first thought was to sell all the coins I got and just power up my steem. But that feels a little short sighted. And by the looks of things I am actually spending more time on these sites than I am n steemit to why not give myself the stake to make it more worth my time.

When I see I will not be looking at the price I do not mean literally. I will be checking them periodically to see how they are doing (though I will try not to check them every 5 minutes like I’m a gambler checking the playoff score on my phone). What I mean by not checking them is I will not make any decisions based on the price. If it goes up or down or sideways it doesn’ t matter to me. I will be focused on the coin itself. It will be like those memes of bitcoin when someone asks how much is one bitcoin worth and their response is one bitcoin. Maybe I will reassess this strategy in 3 months but for now that is my plan.

It is also a lot easier for my as a content creator to be able to focus on content. Watching markets is stressful. And there are days you will not want to write when you see the market is not doing well. It is also tricky to buy and sell at good prices, it is an effort I would rather put into my work instead.

There is also the fact that I do not have a clue which site will do well and what the price of the coins will be. Like literally zero clue. I do not fully understand why steem is so low. Maybe some of these coins will go under. Or maybe some of these coins will go higher than steem. It is all possible in this crazy world. I have years of crypto experience and still I am surprised but the volatility of it. So why stress or risk it.

Now is your time content creators. Find sites that fit your expertise and get to work. Do not spam or copy other people’s work. And if you are putting the time here invest in yourself and stake every coin you can, as you will see, your balance will go up fast.

Dividends grow like crazy and as we are in the start of these sites you can get a great start.



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