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Ulog 11/11 day 3 cycle 1


8 months agoBusy2 min read

One of the nurses setting up kemo for a patient. Here is how mine 👀 looks
Every thing gets pumped right through there
What a nipple it’s ok you can say it.a mans nipple “Free The Nipple “ join in 😝

I have been told by some on my post that they don’t know what to say.
As a person who have delt with fear of death by those you lead here is one of my standard answers.
Who the fuq told you you were going to live forever
Now of course this doesn’t apply to one who is dying.

Talk to people the same way you did before, no difference. Don’t avoid a subject, lay it out there.
Its ok to have compassions, be compassionate but don’t let it get into every day conversation
I hope you understand what I am saying here.
Just talk honestly and it will all work out

Today completes the third day of kemo next is the building of cells that are destroyed. Tuesday we will do blood tests to see any changes then the following Tuesday blood testing and if good repeat of kemo

I will try and do more posts and a little more active in pifc discord. This phone is hard to do. Have to work something better out




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