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Refusing to Act My Age


13 days agoSteemPeak4 min read

Today I made a conscious decision to not act my age. Now, granted, I typically already do not act my age, but that is typically because that's just who I am. Today I made a decision not to do so. Was it worth it? Sure!

So what did I do?

I rode my bike 63 miles. The ride was billed as 64, came in at just under 63, and I wasn't going to argue. They gave me a stamp of approval and I hobbled along on my way.


The trip was from Delaware City to Wilmington and back again, twice: 16 miles each direction. Four legs of 16 miles. Sure! I can do this.

The first leg was not quite what I was expecting. There was a pretty strong headwind and the vast majority of the leg was an incline. At the half way point of the leg was a check-in with offers of water and snacks. I was in pretty good shape so didn't tarry. The rest of the leg was along a path I've taken before, which I've detailed here - https://steempeak.com/crappycameraphotos/@wwwiebe/new-bike-trail-with-crappy-camera - but I did not stop to take pictures this time.

Leg two was fun. Mostly on a decline and with a backwind. I made up some time that I wasn't expecting to have 'lost'. Finally made it back to Delaware City and took a few minutes to stretch my legs. And off I went again.

Now, leg's three and four were not as easy as legs one and two. I had already been riding for over two hours and 32 miles. I'm not the fastest rider in the world (as evidenced by a number of people passing me), which is fine - I don't care, I'm only racing myself - but the first two legs took about 2 hours 20 minutes, and knowing I was getting tired, I was making mental preparations to take 3 hours so I could pace myself where required.

Getting to New Castle was alright. I did take another minute or two to stretch, then off to Wilmington.

And the wind picked up. But I carried on. When I got to the check-in at Wilmington I had planned to rest a few more minutes, which I did. I was a little ahead of my new schedule and had plenty of time to return the final 16 miiles.

Which I took. My game plan on the last leg was "just get back". Case in point:

The 8 mile highway on leg 2 took me 37 minutes at an average of 14 mph. That same 8 mile hightway on leg 4 took me 45 minutes at an average of 11.5 mph. I was exhausted. "Just get there". I didn't need to race, I just needed to finish.

I did face one major uphill incline on leg four, near the end, and let out a wail upon seeing it that may have made a nearby dog bleed from the ears. But I somehow made it to the top.

My total moving time was 5 hours 1 minute. My total time over all was 5 minutes 22 seconds. Didn't tarry for long.

And my reward? Well, bragging rights for one. And an earned beer for two. And a medallion for three.


Here's my second bestie modeling my new "gold ribbon medal" and holding one of my favourite snacks for me. How thoughtful! (He's my second-bestie because the dog is my first)

Lessons Learned

  1. I got sunburned. It's best to ride at night.
  2. If I'm going to do this again, I need a new bike. One with better shocks.
  3. Padded riding shorts sure helped!
  4. Riding downhill is easier than up.
  5. When doing something otherwise difficult, ask yourself just why you're doing this. If the answer is "because you can," continue.
  6. I've just come up with the best pick up line in a bar: -nudge-, "Hey honey, I'm sterile and can ride for 5 hours."

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(c) Victor Wiebe

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