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Monday Sunrise, April 15, 2019


3 months agoSteemit2 min read

Photo taken by me.

It's Monday morning after a long trip. This time last week, we were packing up from our overnight stay at Copper Breaks State Park. Gosh, it was such a fantastic trip and now we arrive at the Monday of a very rough week ahead. My father's memorial is today and I still have to finish his memorial video. I keep putting it off, but now I have to finish it today, Monday. This is only part of the story about my week, but I am sure you do not really want to hear about the doctor appointments, bloodletting (aka phlebotomy), and cleaning up from the trip. So I give you a quick, beautiful sunrise on a Monday morning.

Ahhhh, coffee on a Monday morning.

#mondaymorning, it should be a thing. Yes, I think it is gonna be one of my regular things. We will see if this happens. What about you? What is the thing that helps you have a better Monday?


Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!

Thank you @penderis for this artwork!

Thank you @enginewitty for this artwork!

Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!

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