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Canopy of Greens

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It's #TreeTuesday of @Old-Guy-Photos! Hurray! My first participation after several months of inactivity here on Steemit. But wait, what I am Sharing is no tree, though it could well grow a lot taller than other trees. Uhm, whatever, i am still sharing. Grins

What I have here is a gigantic grass that gracefully sways everytime there is a gentle hush of the wind. These lined or clustered bamboos sure give a calming feeling knowing that one is surrounded by nature.

Bamboo, they say, is the tallest grass on earth. And sure it is reaching to over 90 feet! That is about fourteen Lebron James stacked!


I do not know if it is just me, but there is something about these grasses that feels nostalgic. Maybe it was because when we were kids we used to spend our summer vacation in my grandmom's where bamboos were all around their humble hut.

Have you ever tried relaxing on this set-up?


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