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#vlog no.17 My YouTube video in my Foodvlog how to make native kakanin ..

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10 days agoSteemit

Hello guys it's me again..
And I'm her to share again my Foodvlog and my topic for today is how to make a native kakanin. In my Provence this they name this food ibos/suman, Latik. This native dish is very popular in my Provence bicol . Bicol one of the famous in making kakanin like ibos/suman,Latik. Bicol also is home of pili nut .

Guy's here's my video about how to make this dish . In this video I record when my mother preparing and making this native food last day.
I hope you like it . And I hope you enjoy viewing my short video presentation in my YouTube channel. Guy's I incaurage you to open your hand and help me to grow my YouTube channel by subscribing my YouTube channel.
Thank you guys have blessed day to all...


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