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Create A Ulog-Community

"Communities" is a core aspect of the ulogs.org ecosystem. A ulog-community is a community born around the art of ulogging.  
A ulog-subtag however, is a simple fusion between #ulog and a hashtag. Ulog-subtags simplifies the art of ulogging while maintaining its essence, by allowing users to ulog about niche-based topics. It also further incites users to be inventive with content-creation, unites existing STEEM communities by drawing "true fans" towards these communities and enhances content creation/curation.  
Each ulog-subtag has the potential of emanating a ulog-community. You can take a step towards creating a ulog-community, if you are a "certified ulogger".  

Visit https://ulogs.org/discover to see if you are "certified". To become a "certified ulogger", contact us.


Read more about ulog-subtags & ulog-communities here!

Create A Ulog-Community

Ulog-Community Name (Whatever name you chose will be prefixed by "#ulog-")