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If we can gift out "true celebrity-hood" as "true fans", then we gift it to "everyone". @surpassinggoogle
#ulog-blocktrades: is the Ulog-subtag for (Ulog + Blocktrades.us). Basically, #ulog-blocktrades incites you to record your experience etc (per day) with @blocktrades.
Blocktrades has offered a service of crytocurrency exchange, convenience and has delivered in terms of "trust" etc. Besides all of this, they have supported "dreams" on the steem blockchain, by means of donations, curation and actual community; "true fan-hood". The blocktrades team and even its CEO is approachable, reachable and prompt.
By ulogging under #ulog-blocktrades, you can give back, emulate their enterprise, be "true fan", reach out, share experiences, give feedback, give suggestions etc. Yes, on ulogs.org you can be "true fans" of enterprises, communities, initiatives etc and in this case, you can be "true fans" of blocktrades.us
@blocktrades may not ask for a "give-back" but with ulogs.org, it is "true celebrity-hood for 'everyone', once and for all".

To post a Ulog under "#ulog-blocktrades", simply click on This Editor; then, make sure to use the more popular "#ulog" as your 1st hashtag & "#ulog-blocktrades" as your 2nd hashtag. You can then add other hashtags e.g #blocktrades etc. Don't forget to add "(Ulog + Blocktrades):" somewhere IN-TITLE. See sample:

Become "true fans"! Visit #ulog-blocktrades daily, to curate, engage, support, contribute etc! Join its community on Discord & Telegram.

Verified/Certified @uloggers who oversee #ulog-blocktrades currently: