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@bobbylee manages to constitute "light". Without much noise, he surfs the spaces taking "light" by means of his shine into "the nooks and crannies of every tunnel". He relishes this. No longer do many have to wait to get to the "end of the tunnel".
He cares. He evolves in his ability to show care. Bulls or bears, his care is on default. He offers a lee to those seeking a haven, supporting "dreams" on the steem blockchain, by means of mentorship, timely engagement, curation and actual community; "true fan-hood".
@bobbylee is approachable, reachable and prompt. Well, he cares. He may reach all-the-way out to you. He has touched many. Without accolades, he touches many.
Some of his cookies:
  • He is more of "a behind-the-scener".
  • He knows of the notion "humanity is the brother next to you".
  • He has a soft-spot and let's you reach it.
  • He is a "true fan" of your very own shine.
  • He wants one to truly grow, than to keep on hand-to-mouthing.
  • He loves steem.
  • Accolades or none, he creates beautiful disruptions.
  • He allows you to relegate reservations in his space.

To post a Ulog under #ulog-bobbylee, simply use This Editor to "give back"; to emulate him; to learn about him, to be "true fans" of him, to share memories with him; to reach out to him etc (per day).
Make sure to use the more popular "#ulog" as your 1st hashtag & "#ulog-bobbylee" as your 2nd hashtag. You can then add other hashtags e.g "your location" etc. Don't forget to add "(Ulog + BobbyLee):" somewhere IN-TITLE. See sample:
  • (Ulog + BobbyLee): My Attempt To Get Him To Do His First Ulog. [TAGS-ORDER: #ulog, #ulog-bobbylee etc.]
  • (Ulog + BobbyLee): I Wrote Bobby A "Thank You" Ulog And He Said "Wow". [TAGS-ORDER: #ulog, #ulog-bobbylee etc.]
  • (Ulog + BobbyLee): I Drew A BobbyLee Portrait From My Image Nation. [TAGS-ORDER: #ulog, #ulog-bobbylee etc.]
Become "true fans"! Visit #ulog-bobbylee daily, to curate, engage, support, contribute etc! Join its community on Discord & Telegram.

Verified/Certified @uloggers who oversee #ulog-bobbylee currently: