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@sweetsssj brightens the spaces. She wanders across Mama Earth and manages to let us peer into her adventures. Spots-from-creation she carries behind her, re-telling us of the Creator Jehovah.
She YaoMings on the steem blockchain, leaving her Ulogacies in lights for all to see.
She has supported "dreams" on the steem blockchain, by means of mentorship, timely engagement, curation and actual community etc; "true fan-hood".
@sweetsssj is approachable, reachable and prompt. She uses her smile to cut down on "distances".
Some of her cookies:
  • She is “human”. She can afford to show it.
  • She airs her mind.
  • She knows of the term "sister".
  • She understands the notion “nations are locations”.
  • She travels. As she travels, she grows her opinions.
  • She attempts out-of-the-boxness. She creates. She recreates. (UnDisTalented).
  • She loves steem.
  • She loves cats
  • She is not Gulliver. She is Sweetsssj.

To post a Ulog under #ulog-sweetsssj, simply use This Editor to "give back"; to emulate her; to learn about her, to be "true fans" of her, to share memories with her; to reach out to her etc (per day).
Make sure to use the more popular "#ulog" as your 1st hashtag & "#ulog-sweetsssj" as your 2nd hashtag. You can then add other hashtags e.g "your location" etc. Don't forget to add "(Ulog + Sweetsssj):" somewhere IN-TITLE. See sample:
  • (Ulog + Sweetsssj): My Attempt To Get Her To Do Her First Ulog. [TAGS-ORDER: #ulog, #ulog-sweetsssj etc.]
  • (Ulog + Sweetsssj): I Ulogged About Travel "Sweetsssj-Style". [TAGS-ORDER: #ulog, #ulog-sweetsssj etc.]
  • (Ulog + Sweetsssj): My Selfie-Moments With Sweetssj Earlier Today In Beijin. [TAGS-ORDER: #ulog, #ulog-sweetsssj etc.]
Become "true fans"! Visit #ulog-sweetsssj daily, to curate, engage, support, contribute etc! Join its community on Discord & Telegram.

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