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Hold on!

Warning: this link might be unsafe, please double check the link before you proceed.

https://appics.com/referenced.html?ref=steemit.com&type=image&id=15127&url=https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/backend-alpha-kw-8/2e2db2642c9e7d964dc510d75559c1e1&caption=The missus refuses to watch boxing movies. Annoying really as I'm sure she'd love "Rocky" if given half a chance. Anyways, she made an exception when the first "Creed" movie came out but quickly reverted back to her stance against the genre. Not tonight though as she finally buckled under pressure from me and decided to give it a go. I ain't seen this one either. So hopefully this watch turns out to be great for the both of us. :